Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. More than two decades later, the group’s classic debut stands as one of the most iconic albums in not just Hip Hop history but music as a whole.

Since their opening salvo arrived in 1993, the group’s empire has expanded exponentially. Fruitful solo careers, countless affiliates, the Wu-Wear brand and much more have all prospered thanks to the landmark album that is 36 Chambers.

To commemorate the Wu-Tang’s anniversary, HipHopDX looks back at the legendary crew’s first LP to highlight some of the best lyrics from the original nine members.

GZA – “Clan In Da Front”

“The Wu is coming through, the outcome is critical/Fucking with my style is sort of like a miracle/On 34th Street in the Square of Herald/I gamed Ella, the bitch caught a Fitz like Gerald-/-ine Ferraro, who’s full of sorrow/’Cause the ho didn’t win, but the sun will still come out tomorrow”

Inspectah Deck – “C.R.E.A.M.”

“But I’m still depressed, and I ask what’s it worth/Ready to give up so I seek the old Earth/Who explained working hard may help you maintain/To learn to overcome the heartaches and pain/We got stick-up kids, corrupt cops and crack rocks/And stray shots, all on the block that stays hot”

Ghostface Killah – “Bring Da Ruckus”

“Ghostface catch the blast of a hype verse/My Glock burst, leave in a hearse, I did worse/I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk/Your head rush, fly like Egyptian musk/Aw shit, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks and/However I master the trick just like Nixon”

Raekwon – “Can It All Be So Simple”

“Yeah, my pops was a fiend since 16/Shooting that ‘that’s that shit’ in his bloodstream/That’s the life of a grimy, real-life crimey/And niggas know that habit’s behind me/Day one, yo, growing all up in the ghetto/Now I’m a weed fiend jetting to Palmetto”

Masta Killa – “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin”

“This technique attacks the immune system/Disguised like a lie, paralyzing the victim/You scream as it enters your bloodstream/Erupts your brain from the pain these thoughts contain”

Method Man – “Shame On A Nigga”

“Yo RZA, yo razor, hit me with the major/The damage, my Clan understand it be flavor/Gunning, humming, coming at ya/First I’m gonna get ya, once I got ya, I gat ya/You could never capture the Method Man’s stature/For rhyme and for rapture, got niggas resigning, now master”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Protect Ya Neck”

“Straight up and down, that shit is packed jam/You can’t slam, don’t let me get fool on him, man/The Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dirty and stinking/Ason Unique rolling with the night of the creeps/Niggas be rolling with a stash, ain’t saying cash/Bite my style, I’ll bite your muthafuckin’ ass”

RZA – “Tearz”

“I picked him up, then I held him by his head/His eyes shut, that’s when I knew he was/Aw man, how do I say goodbye?/It’s always the good ones that have to die/Memories in the corner of my mind/Flashbacks, I was laughing all the time/I taught him all about the bees and birds/But I wish I had a chance to sing these three words”

U-God – “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin”

“My Hip Hop will rock and shock the nation/Like the Emancipation Proclamation/Weak MC’s approach with slang that’s dead/You might as well run into the wall and bang your head”

Listen to Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in its entirety below.