Eccentric Hip Hop legends Kool Keith, Dan The Automator, and DJ Q-Bert have resumed the chase for excellence prompted by their oddball masterpiece Dr. Octagon.

The trio recently struck back with their first single in 22 years, “Octagon Octagon,” the lead single for the upcoming Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation. The album will be their third in the Dr. Octagon catalog, proceeding the 2016 Kool Keith solo album, The Return Of Dr. Octagon 2 in 2016.

From the beginning of the four-minute track, the former Ultramagnetic MCs leader is in vintage form as Dr. Octagon with his literal everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to his rhyme delivery. The word “octagon” is his repetitive anchor as he details his geometric utopia for himself and all other humans, animals, and objects in his immediate space.

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The track is campy yet eerie with a warped vocal sample loop and low-end bass with mid-tempo snares serve as a predictably gloomy feel for the track that continues the Dr. Octagon brand. Q-Bert’s clean-up scratches sound just as spastic yet focused as Keith’s vision for the track.

While it’s not Dr. Octagon collective’s best songs such as “Blue Flowers,” “A Much Better Tomorrow,” or “Al Green,” the new record is a spoonful of cognitive dissonance of getting something wormy and weird to audibly scatter inside  ears and have funny bones tickled.