O.T. Genasis has two platinum records to his name, but his social media antics might be more entertaining than his hit songs. He knows how to have fun and loves to share it with the world on Instagram, allowing fans to put a face to the man behind hits like “Coco” and “Cut It.”

With O.T. starting to make waves online for his shenanigans, HipHopDX decided to collect some of his funniest posts from the past couple months. Check them out below.

C-Walking At The White House While Listening To “FDT”

C walk at the White House 🖕🏾

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C-Walking near The White House is a statement, but O.T. took it up another level. By blasting YG’s “FDT,” he turned a comedic video into an act of protest.

Trolling Fabolous At The Airport

Early mornings at the airport aren’t fun and Fabolous was going through the drudgery like anyone else. The circumstances allowed O.T. to catch him slipping by posing as an overzealous fan trying to get a picture.

Shopping For Speakers

Shopping for speakers…W/ no customer service lol #liveyourlife

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O.T. has no tolerance for bad customer service as seen when he visited Best Buy while in search of some speakers. He not only put the employee on blast but also prevented the slacker from getting a commission.

C-Walking Across North America

C walk in Mexico 🇲🇽💪🏾 #Walks

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C walk homie #Walks #LongBeach #california dat part

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Walks on Collins #Miami

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O.T. loves to C-Walk wherever he goes. At this point, it’s an insult to your city if he doesn’t do it while he’s there.

Dancing On His Birthday

30 couldn't have felt better😬🎬#HBD to me🎉🎊🎁🍾🍹

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The LBC rhymer’s dance moves aren’t limited to the Crip Walk. As O.T. showed on his birthday, he can cut up with the best of them.