KRS-One’s defense of Afrika Bambaataa in light of molestation accusations against the Zulu Nation founder didn’t sit well with many fans, but now the Hip Hop pioneer appears to have given die-hard Hip Hop purists another reason to be upset.

On the track “Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven,” taken from his newest solo studio album,The World Is Mind, which he released earlier this week, KRS-One is listing a roster of fallen MCs and paying tribute to their legacy, when he seemingly mistakes Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock for MCA. MCA, of course, died of cancer in 2012, while Ad-Rock is alive and well.

“Like a late fog in the mist/ I see King Ad-Rock and rest in peace Nate Dogg/ Their names and their natures will last … When it comes to Hip Hop/ Here’s the lesson/ Start praising your own people/ Hip Hop speaks from heaven,” he spits at around the 3:15 mark.

While the 15-track The World Is Mind album is still bursting with slick production and plenty of substance, apparently sometimes the teacher might need to be taught. Considering the number of people who most likely had to listen to it before its release, it’s surprising an engineer, a producer or one of the guest vocalists he had on the record didn’t catch it. Maybe in this case, all he needed was “a friend” to point it out.