Well, well, well — a mere five days after unleashing the fury of “SHETHER,” Remy Ma swiftly returned with another lyrical barrage aimed at her nemesis Nicki Minaj Thursday night (March 2), which was simply titled “Another One.” Foxy Brown then turned around and fired lyrical bullets at the Terror Squad vet with a 1:17 minute snippet of her diss track, “Breaks Over,” which surfaced Friday (March 3).

While “Another One” is nowhere near as potent as the first one and, in fact, generated a new hashtag on Twitter —#ThatWasTrashRemy — she manages to get a few sharp jabs in there. However, it’s Brown who may have just executed the ultimate low blow to the Love & Hip Hop star’s gut with her attempt at knocking Remy down a few notches.

Nicki, for the most part, has remained quiet, firing back with a co-sign from the one-and-only Beyoncé, who refers to her as the “rap queen” to the tune of Prince’s 1984 track, “Darling Nikki.” As this thing gets uglier and uglier, let’s recap the highlights from the two (and a half) tracks before there are more irons to add to the fire. 

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Comments On Her Sex Life

And I saw Meek at All-Star; he told me your ass dropped/He couldn’t fuck you for three months, because your ass dropped/Now I don’t think y’all understand how bad her ass got/The implants that she had put in her ass popped.

Comments On Nicki’s Inability To Craft Her Own Bars

And to be the Queen of Rap, you gotta actually rap/The whole industry know that your shit is a wrap/No, to be the Queen of Rap, you can’t have a ghostwriter/And that’s why this is my house, Flo Rida.

Comments On Her Money

And stop talking numbers, you signed a 360 deal/Through Young Money through Cash Money through Republic/Which means your money go through five niggas before you touch it.

Comments On Accusations Her Brother Is A Pedophile

And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz/Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj/You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul/How you spend money to support a pedophile?/He a walking dead man, sending threats to him.

“Another One”

Questions and assumptions are swirling around Remy’s intentions behind doing a second diss track before her intended target has yet to issue even one, but nonetheless, it’s out there. Many Hip Hop heavyweights and fans alike believe she should have just left it alone, including Rah Digga, who claims to be on team Hip Hop, but at the same time, accused Nicki’s ex, Safaree, of writing all of her lyrics.

As previously mentioned, there are a couple of lines from “Another One” worth repeating, which includes an apparent threat that there’s more scandalous material right around the corner aside from the nasty photo she posted of Minaj earlier.

Comments On Her Appearance

You gotta go, you gotta go, lil hoe/I kick a dead horse till it don’t move/Don’t come around me/now I got the crown, see/I beat you with punches in 48, you Ronda Rousey/The wigs and nose, you a whole clown, B.

Comments On What Else Remy Has In Her Arsenal

Put blood in your head, leave your whole damn head red, Lil Yachty/Oh, and if you doubt that, you can cash me ousside, bitch, how bout that?/When it’s dark and hell is hot, I’ll DM your ex/Sittin’ here now like, “Who I’ma DM next?”/I handle these bars like a BMX, Grrr/Get at me dog, DMX/And I’m waitin’ for a bitch to talk outta her neck/’Cause we got pictures, we got videos, and we got texts.

“Breaks Over”

The ultimate low blow came courtesy of Foxy Brown, when she went in on Remy (apparently with daggers in her eyes) and brought up her unfortunate miscarriage. 

Comments On Her Husband Papoose

This dusty ass broad think she somethin’ sweet/She give the part to a Hot 97 in this street/You still in that dirty ass TS piece/And Pap fucked that dirty ass BX beast.

Comments On The Most Personal Thing Ever

I’m a mothafucking BK savage / I heard about that bitch miscarriage/Brooklyn, I’m a killer/The Garden Reggie Miller/The Barclay’s floor seat, all black chinchilla.

Ouch. We’ll just leave that alone until the next shot is fired.