While the world waits for Nicki Minaj to respond to not one, but two diss tracks from Remy Ma, Foxy Brown has jumped into the fight, sharing a teaser for a Remy Ma diss track called “Breaks Over.” The song is over the beat of “Takeover,” which follows the Terror Squad rapper’s use of “Ether” for her “SHETHER” track, echoing the legendary rap beef between Jay Z and Nas.

Fox Boogie previously chimed in on Nicki and Remy’s issues on Instagram, commenting to fans that “I don’t battle tho I #bodybag.”

Throughout the minute-long snippet of “Breaks Over,” Foxy smears Remy, calling her a “dusty-ass broad,” among other things.

The harshest blow is when Foxy, who recently gave birth to a daughter, brings up Remy Ma’s miscarriage.

“I’m a mothafucking BK savage / I heard about that bitch miscarriage,” she raps toward the end of the clip.

Listen to the teaser of “Breaks Over” below.