Memes work best when they describe something everyone is thinking or at least wish they thought. A simple photo and a handful of words can go far in the digital age. All it takes is one viral picture infiltrating into pop culture. For heaven’s sake, part of the Drake vs. Meek Mill battle was won through memes. Every week, the crafty imaginations of social media manage to create something displaying wit, wisdom, crass ideas and more. Some will make you laugh, feel disgusted and probably confused. Weekly, we’ll be weeding out the best memes through “All Eyez On Memes.”

This week, Tyga’s possible reaction to Blac Chyna recent engagement to Rob Kardashian.

Tyga Is Going To Be Both Father & Uncle?


Tyga became the most memed person this week after former love interest and current baby mother Blac Chyna got engaged to Rob Kardashian. For the “Rack City” to be an uncle, he’d technically have to be married to Kylie Kardashian.

The Possibility Is Still Hilarious


If Tyga became a Kardashian through marriage and Blac Chyna and Rob followed through with their engagement, that would make him a father and uncle. Sounds like a new Keeping Up With The Kardashians narrative.

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian’s Wedding


This meme sums up the probable emotions of that wedding. It’s definitely going to be a star-studded event that the gossip mill would eat up.

Kylie Is Still Old Enough Now


Many forgot that Tyga started dating Kylie when she was 16-years-old. That was until he managed to find himself back in the media crosshairs.

Instagram Noobs


Instagram can be a scary place for those unfamiliar. Once that time period has passed, some start to get reckless with the post.   

Drake Owes Taylor Swift


Since Taylor Swift’s Apple Music commercial featuring her rendition of Drake & Future’s “Jumpman” hit the web, sales of the song soared over 400 percent.

The Drake Memes Flowed This Week


Following the release of The Throne assisted “Pop Style” and “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyle, the internet did what it did best. Create memes about the Toronto artist.

How Drake Handles Metro Boomin’s Distrust


Fusing Drake’s first big hit “Best I Ever Had” with the ultra popular Metro Boomin production tag comes from the dark places of the internet.

When It’s Past Phone Time


Using old photos of artists to make points about the most mundane aspects of life is why memes are so celebrated.

Drake Still Looking For Revenge


From the sounds of “Pop Style” and “One Dance,” there could be a disappointment in the upcoming Views From The 6.  The reaction was mixed. Will he get that “Summer Sixteen” revenge?