Watching the fall of Hip Hop’s self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive” has been cringe worthy in regards to 2015. Last year featured Lil Wayne making the shocking announcement about his stance with label home Cash Money following long delays of Tha Carter V. Fast forward to now, the New Orleans-native released one fairly solid album exclusively  through Tidal (for a short amount of time) through the Free Weezy Album and two flat out horrible mixtapes. Kicking off January with Sorry For The Wait 2, DX freelancer Eric Diep said Wayne’s “lackluster punchlines, and poor attempts at song remakes is an uneasy indicator that Tha Carter V might not be worth the wait after all.” Hurts more as No Ceilings 2 garners negative attention. Matter of fact, Charlamagne Tha God received backlash by YMCMB associate Jae Millz over his honest opinion over Twitter. Weezy’s historic run between 2005 and 2008 gave rap some of the best mixtapes of the era along with platinum-selling Tha Carter III. He even cultivated the eventual iconic careers of Drake and Nicki Minaj. Now, Mr. Dwayne Carter is a shadow of his former self despite making strides to rebuild himself. However, his passion for skateboarding has taken full control similar to Kanye West’s current lucrative distraction in fashion.

Remember the moment when watching Wayne struggle to land a basic ollie or switch stances on a vert ramp became social media comedy? Fast forward to the present, Lil Tunechi has gotten better with every bruise and injury. Weezy can perform kickflips, grinds and 180 ollies with an adequate proficiency. Could be similar to his fairly subpar material before Tha Carter. Helps that he’s also getting a fair amount of respect from those who actively engage in the sport. The inspiration for Trukfit came from his love of the alternative sport. Despite being dubbed the worst in the series, Wayne became a playable character in Tony Hawk 5. Sure, he’s not amazing yet, but several years down the line, he may have a shot at something. Then again, he’ll be around 40 getting closer and closer to the dreaded midlife crises. Maybe it’s time for Wayne to disappear into his hobby longer in hopes of gaining a new outlook on life. Surely that’ll help him re-energize the same spark noticeable on Free Weezy Album. Monday, he displayed his battle scars on Twitter via elbow shot with the caption “Skate Lyfe.” While the status of Tha Carter V is up in the air, Wayne seems in a very happy place past the label drama and inconsistent musical output. There’s a real reason he used his home skatepark as collateral in settling a dispute with a private jet company. With that in mind, take a look at some of Lil Weezyana’s recent skateboarding moments.