Sometimes Hip Hop can move at a pace too frantic for even the most devoted fan to keep up with. Albums and mixtapes are released at breakneck speed, careers are made and broken with the swipe of a pen, and somewhere in between all the madness actual music (the quality of which vacillates between excellent and god awful) is being made. Twitter provides a nice summary of everything 140 characters at a time. And if you’re the type that would rather not be bothered with stepping into the Twitterverse to catch up on the latest in Hip Hop, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s tweets and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, the internet begins the “Free Meek Mill” campaign, Dom Kennedy promotes his album in a very appropriate way, and Action Bronson flexes or tries to flex his Spanish skills.

Meek Mill On Wale: “He’s Been Hating”

All was not peaceful within Maybach Music Group this week. Meek Mill woke up on Tuesday (July 8) and decided to air out some of the group’s drama on Twitter. The Philadelphia rapper called out one of the members of his MMG family Wale for not promoting his album and claimed that “he’s been hating… long time now.” He even twisted the knife in Wale’s back and added the hashtag “#UNOTMMG.” Wale was just as surprised as we were while reading Meek’s twitter rant. Eventually, Wale went to set the record straight but the damage had already been done.

The “Free Meek Mill” Campaign Has Begun

Speaking of Meek Mill, it’s been a tough week for the emcee who was recently sentenced to three-to-six months in jail due to parole violation. According to HipHopDX, the Philly native was in custody at the time of the report. The district attorney was “worried” about the rapper’s behavior while he was on probation because according to Fox 29, Meek had posted a picture of himself with a gun. Another incident that sparked this decision was when Meek Mill posted a photo on Instagram of three women holding firearms (even though one was visible). A “Free Meek Mill” campaign has already been started, in case you want to show your support for the MMG emcee.

Dom Kennedy Couldn’t Resist An Album Plug

On Friday (July 11), LeBron James broke his own news story in a letter written in Sports Illustrated that revealed that he’s leaving the Miami Heat to return to his hometown NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. Since sports and rap often go hand in hand, rappers tweeted their commentary on the breaking sports news. Memes were flowing and people were chiming in left and right, so naturally Dom Kennedy saw the opportunity to add his two cents plus add in a quick album plug that fit so perfectly well. In a short tweet, Dom basically told you that he supports LeBron’s decision and he said it using the title of his last album, Get Home Safely. I mean this pretty much wrote itself.

Action Bronson Tries To Speak In Spanish

Action Bronson has been open about watching the World Cup tournament on the Spanish-speaking channel Univision. I’m sure he picked up a few key phrases in Spanish to use in every day life. Bronson tried his hand at tweeting in Spanish but got a little jumbled up with his words. “Ella estoy aqui Buracho y Loco” translates to “She I’m here drunk and crazy.” I believe what he really meant to say was “I’m here, drunk and crazy,” but A for effort.

Joe Budden Congratulates Hollow Da Don After “Total Slaughter” Battle

After months of promotion, the battle rap event of the year, “Total Slaughter,” took place last night (July 12) and fans were eager to see the main event, Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don. According to HipHopDX, “The battle was riddled with microphone difficulties and Joe Budden rapped from a hand-held microphone as a result.” As the crowd kept getting rowdy, Budden told them, “If ya’ll dont stop booing, I’m gonna stop rapping.” Which he did. He put down the microphone in protest but was later given extra time to finish his round. Hollow Da Don ended up taking home the victory in the headline battle at “Total Slaughter,” but fans were treated to a good few rounds.

Raekwon & Jay Electronica Share A Heart-To-Heart Moment

After performing at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this weekend, Raekwon tweeted Jay Electronica and congratulated him on a good set. Jay Electronica, who occasionally comes out of hiding to release music or perform, took the stage right after Raekwon wrapped up the festival with special guests. After receiving the positive tweet from the Wu-Tang Clan member, Jay praised the emcee and wrote, “I wouldn’t be who ii am if you weren’t who you are!” Respect well deserved.

Danny Brown Opens For Eminem At Wembley Stadium

Eminem made history by being the first rapper to headline a show at Wembley Stadium on Friday (July 11), but since Danny Brown took the stage before him, does that technically make Brown the first rapper to perform at Wembley? Danny Brown warmed up the massive crowd for his fellow Detroit native Eminem as seen in the picture, above. What an opportunity, right? Later on in the night, Eminem took the stage and surprised the crowd by bringing out his longtime collaborator Dr. Dre.

Nicki MInaj Is Seducing Your Man

Nicki MInaj took over the Home Shopping Network on Thursday and Friday to sell her new fragrance collection, Minajesty Exotic Edition. A fan took a video of Nicki purring in one of her hosting segments and threw it up on Vine for replay purposes. The title: “Me seducing ur man.” Nicki Minaj is seen making eye contact with the camera and purring with a devious smile as her co-host co-signs the purr noises. One of Nicki’s many talents.

Drake Supports The Battle Rap Movement

There are many sporting events to tune into this weekend. “Total Slaughter,” presented by Shady Records, was one of them. Emcees flexed their lyrical muscles and threw calculated punchlines at their opponents in order to claim victory. One of the viewers of this sport was Drake who tweeted his support for King Of The Dot, an entertainment company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is known to deliver worldwide competitive rap battles. Back in 2013, KOTD co-founder spoke with HipHopDX and said, “[Drake] is a huge Battle Rap fan and one of, if not the biggest supporters, KOTD has.”

Jay Z & Jay Electronica At The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Jay Electronica delivered a memorable performance at the 2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and brought out a few special guests. Mac Miller, J. Cole and Talib Kweli were all performance guests but one in particular stole the show, Jay Z. “It feels good to be home,” said Hov as he hit the Brooklyn stage. The duo performed a medley of songs including “Young Gifted & Black,” their “We Made It” freestyle, “Shiny Suit Theory,” and of course, the always classic “Public Service Announcement.”

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