GZA vs. Edan vs. Non Phixion

(Sample:  Bar-Kays “In The Hole ”)

It may be the unpopular pick, but I’m going with Edan here. Premier utilizes the sample nicely but its one of the few Primo songs where his formula sounds a bit tired. I always told myself I should love this song, and never have. GZA and RZA’s is crazy, but the horns RZA sampled are used so sparingly it is tough to take this over Edan. “You Suck” is easily the best use of the Stax-Volt classic. The loop is crazy. Granted, G. Rap destroys “Crime Pays” (as he did everything on that album), but Jinx was doing a bit much on the production. Plus, Edan thinks G. Rap is the greatest of all-time so he deserves the win. Let the hating begin.

Kool G. Rap “Crime Pays ” 1992 (Produced by Sir Jinx)
GZA “Living In The World Today ” 1995 (Produced by RZA)
Edan “You Suck ” 2002 (Produced by Edan)
Non Phixion “Rock Stars ” 2002 (Produced by DJ Premier)