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Mayweather Vs De La Hoya: Hip Hop Speaks!

We round up everyone from Jadakiss, Royce Da 5'9" and Ice T to Kevin Black, Tango and Rocsi & Terrance of 106 & Park to weigh in on this historic fight. Who do you pick???


Mistah FAB Goes Dumb But Tells Kids To Stay In School

Mistah FAB is heading to LA in preparation of his upcoming album and will touch several high schools along the way.


Shooting at Tony Yayo's Mother's Home/Shooting a Spider Loc's Video

Two separate shootings that revolved around G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Spider Loc recently took place. *Video from the Spider Loc shooting inside*


Romeo Drops The Mic And Picks Up The Basketball

Master P's son, Romeo, has committed to play college ball for USC next year.


Little Brother Speaks On 9th Wonder & Atlantic

The two remaining members of Little Brother spoke up about what happened with 9th Wonder and their label situation...


Evidence - The Weatherman

The Weatherman LP marks the first solo outing for the producer who's been hard at work over the past few years crafting tracks for some of the undergrounds elite.


Trouble At Def Jam???

Could there be a power struggle brewing between L.A. Reid and Jay-Z? Some speculate that Jay might be out of there soon. Read to see what's going on...


Ice T's "Cop Killer" STILL Controversial

Ice T's is set to speak in Harrisburg, PA to raise money for crime victims but many police officials are concerned with what the former "Cop Killer" has to say.


Congressman Speaks Out in Favor Of DJ Drama

Congressman Mike Doyle (D-Pittsburgh, PA) prepared a speech that spoke against the conduct of the RIAA raid of the Aphilliates studio in Atlanta


HHDX News Bits (Eminem, DJ Shadow, Gym Class Heroes)

DJ Shadow hits the road, D-12 set to drop Natural Born Killers, Eminem's new album coming in November(?) and Gym Class Heroes legal troubles.


El-P Blasts Rawkus Records

The label that he helped put on the map is now trying to hinder the release of his upcoming sophomore album with pictures of him and Diddy


DMX Misses Court Again, Foxy in Trouble

DMX misses court (again) while Foxy Brown is charged with battery and resisting arrest.


Kelis Arrested

Kelis was charged early Friday with trying to disrupt an undercover police operation by screaming racial profanities and rushing toward two female officers posing as prostitutes, authorities said.


N.O.R.E. Speaks On Jay-Z, Def Jam, New Album & More

After months of silence from Def Jam, N.O.R.E. decided he was fed up with them and asked to be released. Now, he's finally speaking about what went down...


The Pack - Skateboards 2 Scrapers

The foursome, consisting of Lil Uno, Lil B, Young L and Young $tunna, have been embraced, simultaneously by the "Hyphy" movement and the skate-rap scene that's popped up over the past year.


LAPD Looking For Diddy

Looks like Diddy has got the law after him after an incident during Oscar weekend. Read to see what Diddy was accused of...


Busta Busted Again

Busta Rhymes is in trouble with the law yet again. What is it this time?


Beanie Sigel's Probation Extended

A Philadelphia judge decided to extend Beanie Sigel's supervised release because he was questioned in federal court about a positive drug test and association with convicted felons.


Madlib Releases Los Angeles Project

Madlib is set to release a CD/DVD described as an "audio tour of the City of Angels."


Dr. Dre To Produce Movies, Not Music

While we hold our collective breaths for Detox, Dr. Dre has moved on to produce and direct movies.


Soul Train Awards Nominations Revealed

Who got the most nods for the Soul Train Awards? Gotta check it out here...

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