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OG Ron C Tased, Assaulted in Houston

An incident at a Houston night club left veteran DJ OG Ron C bruised, tasered, and unconscious.


Cam'ron Speaks to Jim Jones

After a communication block, Cam'ron and Jim Jones spoke directly to each other for the first time in years.


Leaked Picture May Get Chris Brown Off

The unauthorized leak of a photo of a bruised Rihanna may keep Chris Brown from going to trial.


Rihanna Issues Statement: I'm "Doing Well"

After nearly two weeks of silence, Rihanna issued a statement thanking fans for support and says she's "doing well."


BREAKING: Snoop Dogg and Interscope Part Ways

Sources say Snoop Dogg has parted ways with long time recording home Interscope Records.


Foxy Brown to 50 Cent: Retract Line or Get Handled "Brooklyn Style"

Foxy Brown is giving 50 Cent a 24 hour period to retract a line about her on "Try Me."


KRS-One: Black President "Doesn't Matter"

KRS-One recently opened up about the Obama administration, and why having a black president "doesn't matter" in 2009.


Lil Wayne Sounds Off On Absent Father

In a sit down with Katie Couric, Wayne reveals that his father is the reason he dropped the "D" from his name.


DMX Sentenced to Hard Time

After a string of convictions, DMX will call an Arizona jail home for the next 90 days.


Son of Eddie Curry Sees Mother, Sister Slain

The son of New York Knicks center Eddie Curry witnessed the killing of his mother and sister, authorities say.


Lil Kim: Watching Naturi Haughton was "Dreadful"

The Queen Bee has reloaded and recently gave a scathing critique regarding her portayal in "Notorious."


Porn Week: Diana Devoe - Ladies First

DX's Porn Week concludes with Diana Devoe, the first black female director in the history of porn.


Porn Week: D'Evils - Investigating Child Porn

Part five of our week speaks to attorneys and weighs in the rights of young people and the ever-changing Internet.


Porn Week: Stacie Lane & Crystal Clear - Firm Biz

Two starlets of the porn industry explain challenges faced as a BBW, and how to "grab chicks at a strip club."


Porn Week: Is Pornography Degrading To Women?

In part two of our second-annual Porn Week, DX spoke to Ryder Skye, Madison Scott and the XXX Church with the age-old question.


Fox TV Apologizes for Rap Performance

After booking Huntzville to perform "Backpack Fulla Gunz" Houston's Fox station apologized for the performance.


Bishop Lamont Knuckles Up with Black Wall Street Member

Hours after a radio interview that touched on his beef with Game, Bishop Lamont fights with a Black Wall Street member.


Lil Kim, "Notorious" Script Writer Speak

Lil Kim and Reggie Rock Bythewood both released statements, trying to clear the air on the controversy surrounding "Notorious."


Will Smith Open to Playing Obama on Screen

If a movie is to be made about Barack Obama, look for Will Smith to have the lead role.


Big's Mother Reaches out to Lil Kim

After Lil Kim spoke out over her on screen portrayal, Biggie's mom would "love to" talk to the rapper.


Kanye West to "Break Every Rule," Pose Nude

Kanye says he's ready to take it all off for the camera--but wants to hit the gym first.

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