After a highly publicized falling out, The Diplomats and estranged member Cam’ron [click to read] may be on the verge of reconciling.

In a recent interview with MTV, Cam revealed that during a routine phone call to Freekey Zeekey led to a brief chat with Jim Jones.


“Everybody has been reaching out. I’ve been the one kinda saying Cam is going to take time do Cam,” he said. “But Hell Rell and J.R. [Writer] definitely been reaching out. I called [Freekey Zekey‘s] phone four or five days ago and Jim picked up Zeke‘s phone. Me and him spoke for about 10 or 15 minutes, but me and Zeke speak all the time. I haven’t spoken to Juelz [Santana].”

The former head of the crew that dominated the mix tape scene in the early part of the decade described the conversation with Jones as “cordial” and hinted at a possible reunion of sorts sometime down the line.

“It was cordial. He knew it was me,” Cam’ron said of the conversation. “He said we was gonna holla — maybe we’ll put something together. But in the immediate future, I’m just doing Cam. But you never know what can happen down the line. I called Zeke‘s phone and I guess Zeke gave Jim the phone to pick up. We just talked, asked about each other’s family. He said he’s on a promo tour. He’d be back soon. That was that.”

Though Cam’ron hasn’t ruled out an on stage reunion with his former crew, he also revealed that for the time being, he’s just doing him.

“You never could say never. Right now, I’m kinda like in Cam zone. They been doing what they been doing for the past two or three years, but I’m kinda in Cam zone. But you never could say what could happen in the future. Right now I’m kinda in the Cam mind frame.”