Masta Ace Says Joe Budden Made Wrong Decision To Battle Hollow Da Don

"There's so much ammunition that Hollow has," Masta Ace says. "There's not much that we know about Hollow."

With the group's latest album set to release tomorrow (it's already available on iTunes), eMC sat down with VladTV to answer questions about the Battle Rap scene at large as well the upcoming Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don match specifically. 

“I have an issue,” Masta Ace said. “I feel like the playing field is not level. Because Joe has so much that Hollow can aim at. He’s so much more known. He’s on reality TV. He’s been on Def Jam. We know his girlfriends. There’s so much ammunition that Hollow has. There’s not much that we know about Hollow other than what cats have already said in battles that Joe’s gonna regurgitate. I think dudes should need to be on the same kind of level of fame to be battling. I don’t think it was a good choice on his part. But I’m curious to see. He’s a good emcee so he’s gonna come with lines.”

During the interview Masta Ace, Wordsworth, and Punchline also addressed Canibus' loss to Dizaster in 2012 and whether or not any of the three would considering battling themselves. 

To read the full story and watch the interview, visit Battle Rap


  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Masta Ace selling tires? lol He's worse off than Hollow is.

    • Anonymous

      That ain't shit, trust me. Jeru the Damaja was delivering chinese food in Manhattan in a bike. Not a motorbike, a BIKE.

  • PATHH88

    boogie who ? foh with that forgotten, flash in a pan of an MC, this is Masta Ace, creator of, arguably, 3 of the cultures greatest albums in Slaughtahouse, Disposable Arts and A Beautiful Summer...oh wait what was it boogiemonster dropped ?? NADA. Ace won, Budden will win- whether it be the battle or collecting checks, nobody cares about hollow da don or any other battle mc when it comes to making music, gimme a joe budden album anytime, give me a Masta Ace album anytime...

  • nuc


  • anonymus

    Realistically how can Hollow win when everybody can predict what he's gonna say about Joe already? We all know what L's Budden have taken over the years, Hollow is gonna be telling old news, not to mention the expectations about him winning being are a lot more pressure than Joe going up there experimenting, so even if he loses he's just gonna make song about and if he wins there's gonna be more recording artists battling.

  • biditch

    says the guy who battled a lesser rapper (boogieman) and got roasted

    • Anonymous

      ^True about royce, and technically the case in general.

    • 7 Cities SLymm

      * Boogieman performed better live * Ace performed better on the track (Acknowledge > Just You Wait) remember, Mistah Fab got Royce live...but Royce landslide took Mistah Fab on track

    • Anonymous

      Lmao for real, the underground took the W that night, even the crowd was like "turn Ace's mic the fuck off"

  • Anonymous

    Lol basically everybody thinks Joe will be destroyed at that battle. Nigga fucked up when he signed up to that shit

  • EdenGlascotta

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