M-EIGHTY, Canibus’ A&R, tour manager and business partner, has provided an update on the rapper’s RTJ00, a long-discussed project that was also discussed in conjunction with Rip the Jacker II Infinity, which is also called RTJ00.

“Canibus will be filming a RTJ00 video update in the first week of May while we are busy shooting videos for tracks off the new album, FAIT ACCOMPLI, dropping June 10, 2014,” M-EIGHTY says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “RTJ00 is Canibus’ final solo project and is currently not completed. When it is completed, everyone who ordered a copy of it will receive their orders.”

Fans who ordered the project when it was announced in 2012 have voiced their concern about paying for a project that has yet to materialize.

“I understand your frustrations, but at the same time be thankful that Canibus has taken time away from RTJ00 to bring us additional works like Almighty: The 2nd Coming, FAIT ACCOMPLI, new The HRSMN material and much more,” M-EIGHTY says. “When he finishes the album than as Canibus has stated, that will be it. If you ordered the project, you will receive the project when it is complete. Though the project began as an independent Canibus’ venture, I expressed my interest to Canibus today to work with him on completing the RTJ00 album post FAIT ACCOMPLI and ensuring all orders from the fans are met.

“Canibus’ most loyal fans who are aware of my involvement in all aspects of Canibus’ career post-2007 know that any and all things we have worked on together from the years of touring, album releases, merchandising and order fulfillment and more with myself in the mix have all been delivered as promised and though what will surely be a sad moment for me and Hip-Hop as one of the greatest to ever touch the mic bows out,” he continues, “I look forward to being there with Canibus as he delivers RTJ00 and closes out the final chapter of his career.” 

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