Earl Sweatshirt Reveals Debut Album Title

Earl Sweatshirt preps the release of his debut album.

Earl Sweatshirt has revealed the title for his upcoming debut album on Twitter.

In a short post, the Odd Future rapper anounced that his first studio LP will be titled Doris. He previously said that the album will be released on his own label through Sony Records.

Earl also unleashed the video for his single "Chum" earlier today, kick-starting what is assumed to be promotional efforts for Doris, which is currently without a release date.

The teenage rapper previously ran down features and contributions for the album, which will include spots from Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Ommas Keith, Thundercat, Domo Genesis, The Neptunes, Christian Rich, Vince Staples, BBNG, Pharrell Williams, Samiyam, Alchemist, Casey Veggies and The Internet (Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians).

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  • a

    looks like jay-z love child


    The production is dry like all off Odd Future's stuff, the lyrics barely make any since, and the video was a weak dark rip of The Pharcydes "Passin Me By" for real... Besides, isn't one of the dudes from his team gay lol?? Bad look on some hiphop ish. So let me guess, we have a young hipster who's going to rhyme about his sad & depressed life with a few punchlines thrown in right? You stans should love it, so it's cool to be a bummed out teen???

    • draobyek

      dum ass fan boys that only understand lyrics like " fuck a bitch, park my car" so what oone of their crew members is gay, Frank ocean has two fucking grammy awards, just becuase your too stupid to understand lyrics deosnt mean the lyrics are meaning less faggot.

    • JesseM

      So I suppose rapping about Gucci clothes, $250k+ cars, and poppin' bottles is what hip hop is all about? Modern mainstream hip-hop has gone down the drain, particularly to appeal to all those people at the club who just want to shake their booties. While that style does have its place, it isn't anywhere near as lyrically powerful as songs like "Chum". There are plenty of people that want to relate to the music, not infatuate about things they may never have. If you ask me, far more people have gone through severe hardships in their lives than ever having owned anything Gucci branded. Plus, if "Bands to make her dance" is what you think is real hip hop, then I laugh at you. Otherwise, take a hard look at real talent and at least recognize it and give it respect, even if his lyrics don't appeal to you.

  • busncider

    I don't think that it's actually called doris. On earl's twitter, the tweet right after that says, "thanks jasper.." so I think that it was just a joke

  • bmoc

    Chum is legit. This album will be legit

  • Danielle

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  • Anonymous

    He's a legend in the making but damn this kid is ugly...

  • Anonymous

    Usually, I don't listen to this dude, but that 'Chum' record is ill.

  • Anonymous

    Only hipsters and faggots fuck with this wack shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      not for nothing but this is the wrong way to push your music bro, you better off collecting emails and sending out blasts

  • Anonymous

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