Joe Budden Confirms Multiple Songs With Ab-Soul, Speaks On Slaughterhouse & Black Hippy Collab

Joe Budden reveals he recorded more than one cut with Ab-Soul, and speaks on the status of a possible Black Hippy/Slaughterhouse track.

Throughout the summer, rumors were circulating that a possible Slaughterhouse and Black Hippy collaboration was in the works. Now, in a recent interview the LA Leakers, one quarter of the Voltron crew Joe Budden speaks on the possibility of working with the California quartet.

The topic first came about when Budden discussed his recent work with Ab-Soul on A Loose Quarter with the song "Cut From a Different Cloth," which he revealed is one of a few cuts with the Cali rapper. As for a larger Black Hippy/Slaughterhouse collaboration, Joe remained skeptical, but said he'd be willing to work with the crew if it felt right. 

"Ab-Soul what up - yeah, we've got a couple of more joints that we did. I ain't put 'em on the tape, but they'll be seeing the light of day soon," he said. "[A Slaughterhouse/Black Hippy collaboration] is too much, that's too much. That's too many people for me to…I don't know. If it happens, great - naturally, I'd be all for it. I'm down to rap with any rapper that wants to rap."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • ForrealDoe

    It's been announced for a few days now, once again HHDX is late with their updating. Kendrick Lamar mentioned it in this interview. 1. Blackhouse [intro] - Kendrick x Joe Budden x Ab-Soul x Crooked I x ScHoolboy Q x Royce Da 5'9" x Jay Rock x Joell Ortiz 2. My Set - Crooked I x Jay Rock x ScHoolboy Q x Joell Ortiz 3. Side of the Tracks - Ab-Soul x Royce Da 5'9" 4. Get Informed - Kendrick Lamar x Joe Budden 5. Nobody Else - Joe Budden x Ab-Soul 6. For The Game - Joell Ortiz x Royce Da 5'9" x Jay Rock 7. Say What? - ScHoolboy Q x Joell Ortiz 8. Something Else - Crooked I x Kendrick Lamar x Ab-Soul 9. Side Chick - Jay Rock x Royce Da 5'9" x Kendrick Lamar 10. Cali-York - Kendrick x Joe Budden x Ab-Soul x Crooked I x ScHoolboy Q x Royce Da 5'9" x Jay Rock x Joell Ortiz

  • Ben

    black hippy sucks. theyre all just a bunch of lazy rappers

  • Anonymous

    That is too many people, do a song or two but not a whole album

  • Anonymous

    if joe budden cries alone in the forest would anyone hear him?

  • COB(626)CZR

    This is how the rank group to group 1. Crooked I & Kendrick Lamar 2. Royce Da 5'9" & Jay Rock 3. Joell Ortiz & School Boy Q 4. Joe Budden & Absoul

    • .

      maybe cause gkmc a major release*

    • .

      it's true tho that most people don't understand what ab is talkin about. Ab Soul is the inspiration of k. dots song hiipower. Ab Soul had to keep kickin k dot knowledge to get him to even slightly understand what level he on. I used to think k dot and jay rock was better but when i listened more to ab and looked up the lyrics and meanings of alot of his songs i was like damn dude is really deep wit it. check out enter the void with him and joey bada$$ hes a beast. and ab always improves, k dot kinda took a step backword from section .80, maybe cause its a major label release, jay rock is very consistent and Q is slowly gettin better as well.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with the anon opinion but to say that if someone doesnt agree with your ranking, doesnt get what hes saying is petty. I put Kendrick above Ab but at the same time they both switch with who i would put as number one. I love both of their music. Control System and GKMC have been the main two albums ive been listening to.

    • .

      1. Ab/ K. Dot 2. K. Dot/ Ab 3. Jay Rock 4. Q Q got bangers but if you actually listen to some of his lyrics it's bullshit, kind of like wayne on da drought 3. Q can spit better than like 85% of niggas out right now but he def not the better than anyone else in tde

    • Anonymous

      If you don't rank Ab Soul as #1 you don't understand most of what he's talking about. He spits line thats be havin triple references and he definitely has a more vast vocabulary and the widest content range out of all the other members. K. Dot is very nice with the mic but he isn't on the level that Ab Soul is on right now. He's just really good at talkin about conscious hood shit and bein young and drugs or whatever. Ab Soul does the same shit but in addition to that he'll spit some revolutionary shit and really make you think about the system we live in, and he does it without pullin all of that illuminati bullshit into his rhymes. Ab is definitely the most clever out of the group, Q and K. Dot even admitted it in separate interviews. You obviously don't listen to any ab soul and are biased toward the other 3 because noone who listens to all 4 would put ab soul in any spot other than 1 or 2

    • Vern

      Pretty much agree with Guppy, still after years of trying to grade em though.. Soul n Kendrick keep switching with the #1 and 2 spot for me though. Jay Rock is overlooked but he would def be 3rd. Q unfortunatly last although i dig him too. Q's just that dude that'll give u bangers n just make great music. While the rest will give u shit you'll still be bumping a year later like daaamn.

    • Guppy

      Ab-Soul, Kendrick, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q...Schoolboy done fell off to me personally I just wash't feeling H&C as much as Setbacks...Ab-Soul doe has only gotten better with each release and he's been my fave for quite sometime now

    • Anonymous

      you put jay rock over soul??? i cant really speak on SH cus ive only heard a few songs from them. I had K.Dot, Ab Soul, ScHoolboy Q, then Jay Rock

  • LOL

    Ok HHDX... Not much in that interview though lol... Slaughterhouse + Black Hippy = FIRE!!! That would be dope as fuck!!!

  • Hip Hop please

    That's some good Hip Hop news

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