Curren$y Enlists Wale, 2 Chainz, Pharrell & More For "The Stoned Immaculate"

Curren$y enlists a cast of characters for his next album that also includes Tone P, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Monsta Beatz, Daz and more.

While Curren$y usually links with one or two producers for the entirety of a project, he plans on expanding his horizons for his next album, The Stoned Immaculate. During an interview with MTV News, the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper revealed producers for the project, including Monsta Beatz, Pharrell, Daz, BINK!, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Tone P, DJ Toomp and more. Guests include 2 Chainz and Wale, who is featured on a cut produced by BINK!

"This is a different look than anything I’ve usually done. Usually I work with one person or try to just keep it to two producers on the project. Usually I work with Ski [Beatz]. Monsta Beatz did the whole Weekend at Burnie's. This time, I reached out. I got BINK! to produce a track that me and Wale did. I just shot a video for that, so that’ll be out in a second or two. Bink! produced ‘What It Look Like,’ Pharrell produced a joint for me, Daz did two joints and rapped on one for me. That was ill because I always felt like Tha Dogg Pound had it. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Tone P… But of course I’ve got Monsta Beatz on there too, but this time, I reached out a little bit. Toomp came through in Atlanta."

He also explained why now is the time for him to work with more than just one or two producers. Spitta said that he has to look out for his Jet Life crew and knows that by attracting more attention to himself, he can give them more shine. 

"It’s a mutual thing. I only work with people who I even have a real conversation with. nothing is forced. I got 2 Chainz on my album, and me and 2 Chainz been cool since me and Tity Boi was cool. That’s what happened. It’s not like I did different and reached out. I kind of cashed in on my friendships. I’m like, I’m about to do this this time, so come on. What makes sense to do it now because I’m trying to get a lot of attention towards my crew, also. I got a whole label going on, so I gotta draw more eyes and play ball to make it easier on everybody else. I know that much now."

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  • jet life

    jet life till the next life time for us to get national

  • haters

    spitta is that dude and always will be just cus he got someone on a track don't change you're entire life...yall sound like lil bitches

  • SMH

    I told my friends about Curren$y album features they almost fell on the floor. With disbelief. These guys should have been on a mixtape not your album. yea like everybody here is saying. They got him.

  • Anonymous

    @robepp_21 yea that flight is about to crash and burn R.I.P.Jet life its over...If he think Trademark and Roddy will blow then he is crazy as fuck.

  • @robepp_21

    Lames catch feelings....We catch Flights #StonedImmaculate

  • Anonymous

    U guys trip me out with this "sold out" shit. Grow up. And judge it when u hear it.

    • Anonymous

      This dude is turning mainstream. Lot of people follow Curren$y because he represented the underground and showed us you can do it without fucking with a major. They got him. He is a slave now.

  • Anonymous

    DD172 Curren$y > Post DD172 Curren$y

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Curren$y. You sold out. I will not buy this album nor a purchase a single. Commercial Curren$y is your new name




    You know curren$y you can always come to daddy. If you were going to sign with a major you could have stayed with me. You would have millions right now and the best producers. Its not to late you will just have to do a few things for me. 1) Claim blood and wear skinny jeans 2)Let me kiss you in the mouth while you play with my black balls 3)Suck on my Lil Wang (get it)Lil Wayne Lil Wang but enough of all that. 4) Let me run up in you because we now Warner Bros is doing it to but nobody can do it better than YMCB we fuck everyone. Lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne dropped this lame ass nigga off tha label. this nigga cant rap, sing or skate. YMCMB iz too real. swag

  • Anonymous

    Currensy you a lame ass faggot eat my large cock u homo stop frontin wit 2 chainz

  • Anonymous

    You know it was the label COME ON They slowly gonna change him

    • Anonymous

      It never fails I dont know why they sign with these majors....RIP Currensy that I use to know...damn homie. Wiz now you what next Kendric Lamar or Big Krit. He had a sound that nobody was doing now its going to sound like fucking Rolling Papers..

  • Anonymous

    Daz two chianz and pharrell wtf is this shit. I can get jiggy to this shit. Pilot Talk 1 n 2 is his best work hands down. They were classic but his latest shit has just been ok. Damn shame what a lil fame will do to a person..

  • JET$

    SMH. Why are all of my favorite artists working with fucking 2 chainz. First KRIT now Spitta. Get some real MCs on there if you insist on having a feature. I would rather it be solo tho

  • Purps

    Like Curren$y hasn't worked with Wale before... And i dunno what's wrong with him recording a track with 2Chainz. At least it ain't like they forced him to work with Nicki Minaj or anything. The production list looks promising though: except for Pharell that is...

  • Anonymous

    They got him yall...damn he has sold out. Warner bros got him. He is official a mainstream rapper just dont pull a wiz and do a rolling paper type of album.. First they make you sue dame now they making work with a bunch of mainstream b.s.

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck has he sold out listen to the 2 leaked tracks from the album there bangers, daz isnt even mainstream and niggas shitting on the feature

  • Anonymous

    2chainz with curren$y? no thank you

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