While online playlists have rumored DJ Toomp to have worked on Kanye West’s fifth studio album Good Ass Job, the aforementioned Grammy winning producer is only now confirming it. While Toomp was conservative about details pertaining to the album, he did call the upcoming project powerful and incredible.

“[Kanye] is speaking his mind as he always do,” said Toomp. “Keeping it Hip Hop…The drums are–just all the music, you know that’s incredible. From Kanye being an artist/producer/visionary–he knows his direction. He knows exactly where he wants to take his songs. He knows exactly where he wants to take his videos, his projects, the whole thing.”

West invited the producer to Hawaii for two weeks to work on the album. Toomp previously produced “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Good Life” from Kanye’s fourth effort Graduation. Both were succesful singles from the album.

Good Ass Job releases on Sep. 14.