DX News Bits: Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco

Kid Cudi's sophomore album gets pushed back, and Lupe fans protest the delay of 'Lasers.'

Kid Cudi's sophomore album, Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager, has been pushed back to Sep. 28 according to Rap-Up.com. The date is two weeks later than the original Sep. 14 release date. Now, instead of going up against G.O.O.D. peer Kanye West's fifth album which will release on the 14th, the LP will go up against both  T.I. and Young Jeezy's albums, which are also scheduled to drop on Sep. 28.

The first single from Man on the Moon 2, "Erase Me ," features Kanye West.

Kid Cudi is not the only artist whose album has been pushed back lately. Lupe Fiasco's highly anticipated Lasers album has yet to be released, although Fiasco announced this month that the album was complete and sent to Atlantic Records. While fans have been vocal about their displeasure, they are now formally protesting the delay of the album.

Fans have created an online petition aimed at Atlantic Records. "The fans have been waiting for the release [of] Lupe Fiasco's album Lasers for over a good year now," the letter begins. "Since it was originally announced finished last summer, there has still yet to be a release date announced. It has even been stated by Lupe Fiasco the artist himself, that the album is in fact completed. Enough is enough, we demand that you stop playing around and give us the album that we have been highly anticipating since the release of The Cool."

As of now, the petition has gained close to 5,200 signatures, and is rising by the hour. Lupe also went to Twitter to support the petition.


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  • Am Impressed

    I bet the only reason they are holding it back is to create a buzz for the album When a mass ppl start shouting that they want the album, as soon as it drops they will all be rushing to the store to buy it. Or Maybe they dont want to release it at the same time when so many Hip Hop Albums are been released because they fear bad sales.

    • Em fan #1

      Well it's not Eminen, Jay-Z, TI, lil Wayne or Kanye so yeah. It's probably #2. For all we know Lupe created a classic but he doesn't have a gimmick to sell himself except for maybe being smart which being smart never sold. So yeah. Eminem has the "everyman" gimmick. A relatible celebrity. He goes through the same shit we do. Family drama, bad women, drugs etc. Jay-Z the buisness man everyone can get behind. He's successful and not afraid to brag about it lil Wayne has that God awful "best rapper alive" gimmick TI has that "king of the south" and just got out of jail Kanye is marketed as this genuis artists. Lupe is just a rapper who can rap good.

  • LJbigbang

    To those sayin' Lupe should do this or that and grow some balls... All your favourite rappers, when they start sayin' "oh the album's been delayed by a month or six" is when the label have the album in their hands. The only difference is Lupe is being REAL and straight up saying that it's outta his hands, rather than bullshittin' on the label's behalf. Fuckin' stupid ass rap fans with the lowest IQ outta all music fans.

    • HoodGrown

      "Fuckin' stupid ass rap fans with the lowest IQ outta all music fans." Cosign totally.. and HipHopDx and SOHH's commentators seem to be the lowest of the low....

  • D.D.410wutup

    I signed that petition. That shit needs to get released.

  • MightyMike27

    Lupe I love you man, but Grow sum fucking balls! Go in that fucking office and say wtf! put my album out! I mean c'mon... :) Please! I'm feening ova here fuk!

  • BostonBadassBoy

    lupe has let me down, he has become a man of the industry, feeding into all the hype and the beast. not hypebeast like he once was. Now a pawn of the industry made to be a pinochio. He should rename lasers to fazers as in not being fazed. As for cudi, it takes real genius time to put out classics, just ask dre

    • earthlinginvadingmars

      dude, Lupe is not The Man. he is FIGHTING The Man. have you been paying attention to any of this? It's out of his hands now. All we can do is make ourselves heard and protest the withholding of L.A.S.E.R.S. Lupe's even backing the petition. And Kid Cudi is doing amazingly fine in my opinion. People should be following his example. It's true, Dr. Dre is a musical genius, but only he can wait eleven years between albums.

    • uhh....what?

      what does that even mean 'a man of the industry'? He said the album is done, buts it out of his hands. If he was a 'man of the industry' wouldn't he be making up excuses for the label not dropping his shit? Him going against his label and telling the public like it is seems anti-label / anti-industry to me. Besides, what does how he deals with industry politics have anything to do with his rhyming ability or the quality of his music?

  • Dev

    Stop fuccin wit Lupe Atlantic!!!!!!!

  • adrienne23

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  • Chris S

    sign it. that album needs to get out ASAP

  • problemz327

    wow...that's insane...lupe I semi-understand but Cudi? that must be the ball hugging jordache skinny jean extra schmedium t shirt with loafers hipster dufus crowd..lol

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