Lupe Fiasco recently spoke to Las Vegas’ Hot 97.5 radio station about the details regarding his third full-length album Lasers, although specifics were scarce. “The album is coming soon,” he assured. “Not soon enough for some people [though].”

Although he did not give an exact release date, he said that the LP would drop by the “end of summer.” “Thus far, I got the Neptunes, Sound Trak [on production], and I’m keeping the rest secret until we get full on rolling…Almost every record that you heard that’s leaked will make the album in some format or another.”

Lupe was also asked whether or not the rumored Child Rebel Soldier album–a project that would involve him, Pharrell, and Kanye West–would actually happen. “No,” he said, with certainty, although he did not give further details.

Lupe is currently finishing up his Steppin’ Lasers Tour which began in March, and will round out this Friday.