Frankly Speaking: Hip Hop's Move Towards LGBTQ Tolerance

Hip Hop's stance on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community seems to be changing for the better - a positive sign for those ostracized by some of Rap's most vile and homophobic works.

The irony could not have been lost on the man born as Christopher Breaux. On the anniversary of the birth of a notoriously homophobic country, Breaux, better known to the world as Frank Ocean, via an open letter on his Tumblr page, announced to the world that he fell in love with a man when he was 19.

The Hip Hop community reacted quickly to the news, as it tends to do. Homophobes hurled insults, while equally misguided individuals on the other end of the spectrum took to paternalistic tendencies and flaunting their moral superiority. Meanwhile, Frank Ocean went from one of many promising up-and-coming artists to being the highest-profile Hip Hop artist to ever meaningfully admit engaging in any sort of homosexual activity.

The relevance of Frank Ocean’s announcement isn’t the fact that it superficially contracts slurs hurled by Odd Future’s perpetually pedantic Tyler, the Creator. In fact, the relevance doesn’t even lay in the revelation itself. Many have correctly pointed out that Frank hasn’t necessarily revealed his sexual orientation. His letter, which is a work of art in itself, can be read to say that he is a gay man, but gay/bisexual and homosexual/heterosexual are false dichotomies; sexuality is far more complex than that.

Rather, Frank Ocean’s letter, the reactions that have followed, and the questions that have been raised, serve as a microcosm of Hip Hop’s evolving attitudes towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community.

A Gradual Evolution Towards Tolerance

“Now I can freak the fly flow / Fuck up a faggot / Don’t understand their ways / And I ain’t down with gays…”—Sadat X, “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.”

Homophobia has long been present in Hip Hop. It’s a well-worn subject, and until recently, not much had changed in Hip Hop artists’ attitude towards the LGBTQ community. Sure, rumors of a gay or lesbian emcee here or there surfaced, but in general, the approach has always been “fire at will.” In fact, one of the most oft-used insults in Hip Hop is to call a rival emcee “gay” or a “faggot.” It’s easy to dismiss homophobia as something that’s only present in “hardcore” Hip Hop, and is therefore somehow confined to particular types of artists. But that’s simply not true. Yes, DMX, whose homophobia is likely informed by his dogmatic (no pun intended) devotion to Christianity, is a prime example. But let’s look at an “enlightened” artist like Mos Def—sorry, Yasiin Bey—who once complained that “quasi-homosexuals is running this rap shit.” Aside from Eminem’s memorable Grammy Awards performance in 2001 with openly gay Elton John, and a passively supportive mention in an interview here and there, Hip Hop has generally remained in staunch opposition to anything “queer”—until very recently.

The Influence Of President Barack Obama And Kanye West

“A small part of the reason the President is black / I told him I got him / When he hit me on the jack / I’m talking about progress / I ain’t lookin’ back…” –Jay-Z,  “What We Talkin’ About.”

Nowadays, it appears that Hip Hop’s artists and some fans are changing their stance on homosexuality—“evolving,” to steal a term from one of President Barack Obama’s speechwriters. Interestingly, President Obama’s change of heart may be where this exploration of Hip Hop’s growing acceptance of the LGBTQ community begins.

When the 2008 elections rolled around, Hip Hop artists showed tremendous support for Barack Obama. Common, Young Jeezy, and Jay-Z are just a few of the many emcees that were vocal in their support for the Democratic candidate. On May 9 2012, whether motivated by politics or policy, Obama announced his support for gay marriage rights. Unsurprisingly, shortly after this announcement, many emcees voiced their agreement with the President. On May 14, 2012, Jay-Z spoke with CNN, explaining that he’s “always thought it as something that was still, um, holding the country back.” It was a perplexing statement, given Jay’s decrying of “too much West Coast dick lickin’ ” on Reasonable Doubt’s “22 Twos.” T.I. also opined, asking “why some people are so against it.” Even Russell Simmons, whose former label Def Jam contributed significantly to anti-gay rhetoric via its artists, participated in the PSA below in support of marriage equality:

Aside from Hip Hop, what do these three men have in common? They’re renowned businessmen. What really goes on in Hov, Rush, and Tip’s minds is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: those calculating cogs never stop turning. Jay and Simmons may or may not actually support the LGBTQ cause, but their businesses and investments cannot entirely escape the grasp of politics. In fact, who’s to say they aren’t interested in becoming more actively involved in the political front? That would, at least, explain Simmons’ baffling presence at the Occupy Wall Street rallies in New York. And as for Jay and T.I., both men know that the LGBTQ community is not only a community that has been ostracized by Hip Hop culture, but as also an untapped market.

Financial Benefits Of LGBTQ Tolerance

“I try not to fight / And I hold the positive / Stop the violence / Because we gotta get past it / We gotta get money and affirmative action.” –Lil B, “I’m A Fag I’m A Lesbian (Based Freestyle).”

“LGBT consumers represent a powerful buying community that marketers cannot afford to ignore,” says a 2011 marketing research report from Community Marketing, Inc., which provides, “LGBT consumers make up 5% to 10% of the U.S. consumer market.” The report, which tracks the LGBT community’s usage of smartphones and social media, as well as buying patterns, provides that the second-and-third largest impact on LGBT purchasing decisions are “support [of] LGBT organizations or charities” and “support [of] LGBT political causes,” respectively. Simply put, LGBTQ community members purchase music, basketball tickets (Brooklyn Nets, anyone?), and buy dinner reservations (40/40 Club, ESPN on the screen). LGBTQ issues and characters are becoming more prominent in film and television. All of these things equal money, and money equals influence.

Perhaps Busta Rhymes had these thoughts in mind when he offered support to Frank Ocean, for example. Having referred to Wendy Williams as a “lesbian man-looking bitch” in a VIBE interview and spitting the f-word at will, Bussa Buss’ uncharacteristic support (followed days later by the announcement of his next album) has to raise a few eyebrows.

Androgyny And New Forms Of Artistic Self Expression

“It’s the return of the gangsta / Thanks to / Them niggas that get the wrong impression of expression / And the question is / Big Boi what’s up with Andre / Is he in a cult / Is he on drugs / Is he gay / When y’all gone break up / When y’all gone wake up nigga / I’m feelin’ better than ever / What’s wrong with you…” –Andre 3,000, “Return Of The ‘G’”

To be sure, not every emcee’s support of the LGBTQ community has necessarily been motivated by monetary or political desires. Some of this newfound support can possibly be linked to Hip Hop’s evolving artistic expression. Who’s to say that Nicki Minaj’s and Lil B’s rhetoric, which at times toys with sexuality, doesn’t mirror that of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust or Grace Jones’ androgynous imagery? Nicki fits the profile in particular, with her character Roman Zolanski clearly serving as an homage to Bowie’s prior work. Indeed, Nicki has provided that her toying with sexuality in her music does not mean she is required to comment on her personal orientation, though she eventually did just that. Lil B has openly criticized the use of phrases such as “no homo,” and even titled his album I’m Gay. Though presumably he added “I’m Happy” to the title at the behest of the label, Based God explained that the title was made in support of the LGBTQ community. Strangely, Lil B refers to one of his recent female conquests as my “dykin’ ass bitch” and a “faggot bitch” on the song “Pretty Bitch,” which recalls Kanye’s occasional substitution of “woman” with the word “dyke.”

Even artistic expression by way of fashion has changed rapidly. We love to joke about Lil Wayne’s zebra-print jeggings, but let’s look at it bit more closely. It’s safe to say that the ultra-macho and extra-large tees and jeans are no longer the norm, and have been replaced with tighter clothing, more vivid colors, and new hairstyles. Sure, a golden streak in Wiz Khalifa’s hair is neither support for or a victory for LGBTQ rights, but it’s a prime example that the Hip Hop mindset is changing. Of course, Tyler the Creator is a prime counterexample, who simultaneously rocks knee-high socks and cat t-shirts, and has no problem calling B.o.B. a “faggot nigga” and MC Lyte a “dyke.” The fact remains: emcees are no longer quite so concerned that fans—or their peers, for that matter—might consider something they do is “gay.” What’s evident is that emcees’ views of masculinity in 2012 are very different from their views in 1992.

Much of this change can be traced to Kanye West. West is a heterosexual, but his indirect popularization of vulnerable, first-person lyrics, flamboyant style, mingling with the fashion community were all taboo things that are still associated with homosexuality. On some level, a whole generation of easily-influenced fans saw that if West could wear tight pants, attend fashion week and pour out his heart via Auto-tune while still being attached to women like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian a line was drawn. However, one of West’s most important endorsements isn’t found in any of his music.

“Anybody that was gay I was like, ‘Yo, get away from me,’” West recalled in his MTV Special, All Eyes On Me. “And like Tupac said, ‘Started hangin’ with the thugs,’ and you look up and all my friends were really thugged out. It’s like I was racing to try to find that constant masculine role model right there, right in front of me. I would use the word ‘fag’ and always look down upon gays. But then my cousin told me that another one of my cousins was gay, and I loved him, he’s one of my favorite cousins. And at that point it was kind of like a turning point when I was like, ‘Yo, this my cousin, I love him and I been discriminating against gays.’ But everybody in Hip Hop discriminates against gay people. Matter of fact, the exact opposite word of ‘Hip Hop,’ I think, is ‘gay.’ Like yo, you play a record and if it’s wack, ‘That’s gay, dog!’ And I wanna just come on TV and just tell my rappers, just tell my friends, ‘Yo, stop it fam.’”

Dissmissing Rumors And Innuendo

“See these girls talkin’ all that shit / I’m just tryin’ to see some tits / Let’s get it poppin’ like MC Lyte / Around some dykes…” –Tyler, the Creator, “Rella”

Several Hip Hop artists have been the subject of much public speculation as to their sexual orientation. Despite never having come out, Queen Latifah, Erick Sermon, and MC Lyte have long been hounded about their preferences. In fact, online publications irresponsibly surmised that Latifah, who headlined Long Beach’s Lesbian & Gay Pride event on May 19, was making some sort of statement about her sexuality. Not so, explained the rapper to Entertainment Weekly. Even in light of these rumors (and they are just that—rumors), these artists have maintained the considerable amount of respect capital they’ve built over the years. Maybe this signals that Hip Hop is not as averse to the idea of homosexuality as some may have previously thought.

The more instant example may be Mister Cee, where the famed deejay and producer was arrested after being caught receiving oral sex from another man in a parked car. Perhaps more surprising than the news was the Hip Hop community’s response, which was unexpectedly tame. Not only that, but 50 Cent came to Cee’s defense, telling Hot 97’s Miss Info, “I’ll get rid of Whoo Kid and make Cee my deejay any day.” It’s hard to argue that 50’s motivating factor for vocally supporting Cee was money; Fif is filthy rich. And it’s hard to imagine Cee doing anything for 50 in that department (or any deejay, for that matter). It appears here that, despite evidence that Cee engaged in a sexual act with man, 50’s respect for the veteran deejay mattered more to 50 than whatever preconceived notions the Queens emcee had regarding someone who is ostensibly a member of the LGBTQ community.

Whether these artists actually are homosexual or bisexual isn’t the point, nor is it our job to speculate. What does matter is that, despite some public perceptions that they are homosexual, these artists have not been treated as outcasts. Do these examples, though serving as anecdotal evidence at best, indicate a change in attitudes towards homosexuality?

Looking Ahead

“Never knew it would turn out like this / For so long he tried to fight this / Now it was no way for him to ignore it / His parents found out and hated him for it / How could I judge him / Had to accept him / If I truly loved him / No longer he said had he hated himself / Through sexuality he liberated himself…” –Common, “Between Me, You & Liberation.”

When the idea for this op-ed was originally conceived months ago, the question was posed: would there ever be a high-profile artist in Hip Hop to come out in the near future? It appears that Frank Ocean has answered that question (though the exact details remain unclear). Ocean contends in his letter that the reason he made his revelation is because he could not bear to keep his secret any longer. Perhaps that was the primary motivating factor, but there is something to be said about the fact that he felt secure enough to make this decision. Not just secure in his own sexuality, but secure in his safety, and secure in his career prospects.

Even five years ago, speaking of engaging in any sort of homosexual activity would be a career death sentence to any Hip Hop artist. Ocean, whose most high-profile appearance came as a featured artist on two tracks from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne, has heard both of his collaborators—Hip Hop juggernauts—publicly offer support to the LGBTQ community. To what degree this support influenced Ocean’s decision is something we can’t know, but Hov and ‘Ye’s words couldn’t have gone unnoticed. Even Lil Scrappy provided (misguided) support to Ocean. Notable also is indie Rap vet Murs’ decision to not only write about the fierce discrimination gay couples face in the song “Animal Style,” but to bravely star as a gay man in its music video.

After witnessing an artist of Frank Ocean’s profile make such a revelation, it has become apparent that what motivating factors the aforementioned artists have for supporting the acceptance of all things LGBTQ in Hip Hop may very well be irrelevant. Artists like Ocean aren’t spokespersons for the LGBTQ community. But we are entering a socially and historically significant shift in Hip Hop’s attitude towards that community in large part because Ocean was willing to risk his career to “feel like a free man,” as he wrote in his letter. So whether motivated by greed or art, politics or a genuine change of heart, one thing is clear: the Hip Hop’s stance on the LGBTQ community seems to be changing for the better. And for those who have felt ostracized by some of Hip Hop’s most vile and homophobic works, it’s an encouraging sign.

Slava Kuperstein is an Ellicott City, Maryland native by way of Odessa, Ukraine who has been writing for HipHopDX since 2006. Follow him on Twitter @SlavaK87.



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    Who the fuck cares about anothers sexuality? It's such a pointless debate. The good thing about an article like this is exposing the stupid and homophobic views people still possess. If a Rihanna sex tape was released and it was her with another woman, would you refuse to watch it? It's 2 people of the same sex after all "That shit's gay, I'm not watching that!" Or is the issue with gay men, and how it makes you feel. Second question, do you watch porn? Do you enjoy seeing a man and a woman having sex? Breaking it down, how much do you enjoy seeing a cock smash some pussy? What about anal or DP? I'd infer if you get enjoyment from watching cock/s in that manner, that's pretty gay. How'd you feel now?

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  • Anon

    Yes people are actually born gay. Maybe do some research instead of trying to act like you actually have any idea of what you're talking about. You cant even write properly. Studies have been conducted which have proved that there are certain hormonal imbalances that sway human desires and behaviors to one side. The study showed that all humans have male and female hormones in the beginning developmental stages. As we develop, one particular type of hormone becomes more dominant and takes over. In some cases, however, it has been proven that the hormones get 'mixed up' and there are males that end up with more female hormones than average and females with more male hormones than average. This is why you will hear some people say that they have always felt that they were born in the wrong body. There is another study that has been conducted by the Oregon State University where they have studied and experimented on the brains of sheep that have been found to have homosexual tendencies. According to the study, 10% of sheep have homosexual tendencies. The link to this study is provided below. It is a matter of chance whether or not you are born gay. All fetus' start with the male and female hormones inbuilt. During the growth of the fetus the hormones are increased to build on the gender it has become. Sometimes this process is flawed and the opposite hormone takes precedence for the gender being created. Thus the baby is born being gay. In a similar way to this but in different amounts of the hormones bisexuals are born. This is the most likely explanation to this mystery and is being scientifically investigated. Abnormalities in sexual development happen in the womb happen every day. There are numerous studies that address human ambiguity at birth, masculinized female infants, abnormal sexual development, sexual dimorphism, hermaphroditism, and infants that cannot be identified at birth as male or female. Homosexuality may be the least pronounced of those irregularities and no one should be demonized for the way they were born. Any person who ignores all the scientific facts and studies about human sexual irregularities and variations at birth is using something else besides their brain to formulate their world views. An online search will reveal thousands of reliable scientific pages available for personal enlightenment on this topic. Homosexuality is not a choice but it is through DNA engineering, for example did you choose to have the natural hair color you have? No you didn't, The same applies to being Homosexual, its a natural thing to the person it affects. Hope that cleared things up for the homophobes.

    • Assassin221

      Increasingly I think it's hard even for anti-gay people to deny that some people are clearly born with gay tendencies. But there's still a lifestyle component to it separate from your genes and hormones and whatnot. You might not choose to be gay but you choose to have an orgy, for example. It's two totally different things, and I can accept the first one and still have a problem with the second.

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    Peace, there so much good comments on this that it's making think i'm glad i am not the only one who is sane out here. If frank ocean gay what hell is he telling everyone for?? Keep it to yourself we don't want to know. i don't agree with that lifestyle so i should have the right to say it. Why is it gay people or people who support that life style changed that?? just because Jay Z or Kanye west says "it's okay to be gay" why does that mean progress?? If you support that life style your moving ahead?? In who's opinion is that?? If i get more knowledge, wisdom & understanding help my community i have made progress not if i support a man loving a next man?? what nonsense is that?? Please

  • Anonymous

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    • quit bitchn

      What a pointless comparison. comparing the color purple to a lifestyle. I think what "okay" was trying to say is stay out of the business of people who disagree with that lifestyle and don't force it upon them to believe something they don't want to believe. A fair amount of people are gay, a lot more people aren't. Respect that in America we can have our own opinions, but we are turning into a society of political correctness and it makes people more angry to TELL them what they should tolerate. Live and let live.

    • confused ?_?

      No I would not listen to a pedophile, but if an artist came out and said he like the color purple, then it would be stupid to say "oh hell no nikkas, the white establishment is trying to emasculate the black male with all this purple shit". Being gay much like liking the color purple hurts nobody while pedophilia hurts children. Nobody is asking you to suppress your opinion about gay people, we are just requesting you to stop bashing them.

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    typo: right of the bat you could tell dude was gay.

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Glad to see that there are people with brains on this site. In one comment, there is mention of the 2+ of the population being gay-what you failed to mention is that most of that 2+ works in Washington, D.C. Moreover, just because someone stands their ground does not make them anti-anything. The white power structure has been trying to emasculate black men for so long that it is a shame that well known artists feel that they have to big up Ocean in an attempt to be appear supportive; so what he is gay (eff that bisexual nonsense)semantics aside, Ocean is not the first black gay singer, lil' Richard, Luther etc..right off the bat, one could see that dude was gay from the get go. People have to stand up against all these b.s. being pushed on our kids. PEACE

    • Anonymous

      Yes!! Both of you have very valid points!! Very Well Said! I respect a Gay Person's decision, but I will not be swindled into believing "GAY IS THE WAY", I feel like I'm wanted for recruitment, and I don't want to enlist! Your Evil If You Don't openly express support for gays. I can't. It's Against my beliefs and I will not be demonized for disagreeing with how some pervert wants to get his rocks off. not cool.


      I like your comments they are spot on. The white power structure has been trying to bring down the black men and by having our biggest artists saying they are gay helps their plan. There are gay people everywhere why does all eyes have to be on our community over this?? frank, Jay z, West and any other gay man or supporter need to grown up and stop pointing the finger at people who don't agree with them. Just agree to disagree

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    People are born black, People are born White. People are raised Catholic, People are raised Muslim. People are born African, People are born Asian. People are raised right, People are raised wrong. People are born gay, People are born straight. People are born accepting, People become ignorant. Children of any colour see not wrong or right they see friends. We should not develop ignorance and cultivate it. A movement such as Hip Hop is based upon struggle and truth, oppressing another's struggle blindly is wrong. You were raised to reject it, people have been raised to reject different races. Where does this leave you?

  • fuck religion

    nothing wrong with being homo

  • NYC

    Homosexuality is ABNORMAL. Bestiality is ABNORMAL. Pedophilia is ABNORMAL. Incest is ABNORMAL. Just because you are either brainwashed or homosexual doesn't mean your acceptance of an ABNORMAL behavior is correct.

  • Anonymous

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!!!! smh Being gay is not being progressive. Supporting gays is progression to the downfall of society. These gays where born from straight people so if they had their way they wouldn't have been born at all!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hip-Hop artist now a days will bend over anyway possible because they think that is how you sale records but it is what is killing the genre. Hip-Hop wasn't made famous by letting the fad of the week determine your stance on issues.

  • Anonymous

    Sodom and Gomorrah

  • So Icy Boi!

    Frank Ocean was ma favorite singer. I listened to his shit err day all day. den dis nigga annonuced he is gay????? I was like WTF? I deleted all his shit from ma iPod. I know SHAWN "JAY-Z" CARTER wuz his first love. Jay-Z needs a strap on to fuck Beyonce.... dis niggas are gay as hell. its disgusting. death to gay people! Jay-Z, KANYE WEST, EMINEM, 50 CENT all dese niggas are gay. ma idols Weezy, Baby, Drizzy, Ricky, Nicky and TYLER, THE CREATOR and MAC MILLER are straight at least. Tyler should fire Ocean from da label. just sayin. swag

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Roman

    Bunch of Hypocrites... if Nicki Minaj said she was a lesbian, y'all would want her to make a sex tape but you hate Frank Ocean for being Bi-sexual...

  • Phncn MRchntz

    There's a difference between "Hip Hop" and The Military Installation's, mind control division called the Music Industry, that has a genre labeled "rap/hip hop". Two different things. The Voiceless Black Boy created what we know as Hip Hop. It's his world and he makes the rules. In that world, since he doesn't have a rites of passage in which his community acknowledges his manhood or ego, lets say like a Bar Mitzvah, he is free to take on a persona of his choosing. When it comes to Rhyming, the delivery is masculine. Even for a female emcee to get respect, she has to have a masculine delivery - period. So Homosexuality, an act in which one man is subjecting another man, has no place in that world (Hip Hop)- we deliver, we don't receive. And if you are a true hip hopper and you are gay, I doubt that you are offended by the anti-gay lyrics. You can't place your morals and ideologies on a world that you didn't create. When you visit, you have to respect the norms and customs of that world. So when it comes to the Music Industry's genre call "rap/hip hop" - they control that - period. The Record Companies are nothing more than BANKS that put artist in debt, so that they can control them. They control the godz of our day, archetypes that represent certain aspect of the human psyche, to control those that are in search of.

  • SDK


    • Anonymous

      shut your face rashid

    • Rashid Muhammad

      brother can't you see?!?! The devil white men have been telling your race this ever since they came to this land!!! Go to the Nation of Islam and listen to the words of the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan

  • Anonymous

    it wasnt our fault blame the record labels artist didnt have a lot of choice. the artist are broke for the most part and there are a lot less major comapanies now. in the early 90's that were six now there are four wiki it. universal you either do what they say or take your ass on some where else and be broke haha. the only problem was black youth were buying into this shit like it was real which was only getting them sent to the jail house. with a sense that a violent man is the only man that can be. no your born a man its sex you dont have do nothing to become one. haha

  • Duke

    who gives a fuck? i got gay family members and friends. i dont agree with their lifestyle but i dont bash them for it. do you all you want just dont try to shove it down my throat (no pun intended) until i agree with it because i want. i will accept you for who you are as a person. i will still listen to some of franks music and i will never not listen to DMX. so please get off your soap boxes and shut the fuck up.

  • RC

    Last time I checked frank ocean was a R&B artist. I don't think there will ever be a straight up out the closet rapper, it simply gives other emcees too much ammunition to diss you and throw something in your face. But thats cool Hip-Hop has never been politically correct nore should it have to be, Hip-Hop is a way of life as is homosexuality and I just don't think the two of them go together very well.

  • Oasis

    speaking out against what you see as wrong doesnt make you homophobic. Jesus spoke against it. I dont think hip hop should discredit these gay artists artistic abilities, but it shouldnt be accepted. Was homosexuality accepted in the orginal communities where hip hop was founded? Would the pioneers have allowed homosexuals to grace the mic, scratch records, or breakdance with them? Frank Ocean is talented and should be able to accepted as an artist, but I dont think we should applaud his homosexual ways.

  • TruthHurts

    Homosexuals only comprise 2.8% of the US population. Their influence in American media is disproportionate to their size. Political correctness is self-censorship in a democracy. The greatest expression of our freedom of speech is the right to be as politically incorrect as possible.

  • Anonymous

    The last time being gay was embraced this openly in a society was Greece & Pagan Rome We all see how well that worked out, lol

    • Gonzo

      ^^^ Best comment I've read in a long time. I hate it when homophobic people use that argument, when anyone with more than two brain cells and a fifth grade education knows it is bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Right, ancient Greece is still the yardstick by which all western culture is judged, and Rome was the greatest power the ancient world had ever known... No ancient culture of that magnitude has survived. Goddamn motherfuckers are retarded!

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop is becoming more politically correct is what's really happening. Its going out of its way so as not to offend anybody and it's basically becoming like every other form of pop music out there. It's a whole list of things your not allowed to do in rap anymore, you get cats like DMX, Eminem, and countless others who have bashed gays over and over that now have to pretend like they were just kidding or face the consequences. Freedom of Speech = Out Fitting the status Quo = In Hip Ho = Mainstream Pop Music

    • Anonymous

      nah fuck you just cause someone makes a joke about someone being gay doesnt mean they hate gays? EVERYBODY gets made fun of short,fat,small,tall,glasses,bald,list goes on and on and on if you wanna be "equal" start taking the jokes like a fuckin man and stop cryin cause someone called you gay. if your gay and someone says "ha ha your gay" they just told the truth i dont get pissed and cry cause someone say ha your straight grow up and stop looking for a scapegoat if your gay then be gay and proud dont hide that shit, i understand people can be dicks but thats to ALL different kinds of people dont complain about equal rights then try to sue and cry when you get made fun of, cause everybody gets made fun of we all have differences thats the only equal thing we all have if people stopped crying and learnt not to affect them then people will eventually stop making it a big deal

    • Assassin221

      Word. I'm not homophobic but I believe in freedom of speech and belief. This is the same shit going on with the dancehall reggae artists, people just folding under societal/political/financial pressure. I don't feel strongly about the Frank Ocean thing either way but I don't like how more and more you can pretty much be outcasted from mainstream society for being anything less than completely accepting of homosexuality in all it's forms. Hip-hop hasn't been taken over by that liberal PC shit yet, and I hope it never is.

    • Anonymous

      that is sooooo fuckin true!!! Music as well as many other things, is being funneled into one oppressed chamber. Because things like homosexuality are now being accepted, people believe that we are progressing but actually its being used as a catalyst to tear down old values and views, so that once we've all accepted that anything goes, shit can fall apart(like it is now) and when we all hit rock bottom and see the error of our ways(accepting anything without morality) we'll cry to be saved from what we've done and a new matrix will be built to enslave us once again. this one is being tore down because its outdated and too many people are waking up to it, so we have to be put back in our place again(so to speak)...u just watch all the crime and crazy shit people are gonna be doing because all these walls are coming down....just watch.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem started all this gay shit..

    • YouSerious?

      Eminem needed to do something like performing with Elton John because he was catching shit from EVERY direction during the whole Marshal Mathers LP craze. Also, Eminem's said that Elton's helped him with some of his drug problems in the explain what's wrong with Em supporting Elton?

  • Anonymous

    I'll never understand why a confident hetero would care so much about another man's sexual orientation.

    • anon420

      thank god someone said that, who in their right mind as a man gives a flying fuck about another man's sexual preferences... like someone said, as long as they're not ramming it down their throat (no pun intended here either lol) who gives a fuck.. i dont necessarily want to hear about a straight man's antics either as i have no interest in hearing about anyone elses sexual experiences

  • Anonymous


  • dashing

    Good article. I don't think "too much west coast dicklickin" is an inherently homophobic phrase though. I think it's just a common phrase that has less to do with sexual orientation so I wouldn't have used that lyric to suggest that Jay-z might be posturing in his pro-gay stance for purely business reasons. The fact is the entertainment industry is flooded with gay folks, some extremely influential and some that just handle hair and make-up. So I think it makes sense that these folks are more supportive. I tend to think that the anti-gay stance is more for posturing than anything else.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see what the big deal is. Frank Ocean is an artist, he makes music, if you like his music good for you, if you don't... no problem. They need to stop fussing about who's gay and who's not and who accepts and who doesn't. It doesn't matter, there will never be a time where everyone is embraced by everyone. Go against whatever you wanna go against, but have your reasons and justify them. Hating one gay person for something personal, fair, hating all gay people because one of them did something... unfair. As long as people see differences in people, they'll be grouped. Everyone forgets everyone is human, we all bleed blood, we all live, we all die. Nobody should have time to worry about insignificant others. Worry about who worries about you, worry about yourself, live your life and make it the way you want it. See people as equal, better yourself don't try to be better than everybody else. Impress yourself to impress others, accept they're impressed and let them impress you back with their own life. DAMN.

    • JackieJay

      OK I am not a homophobic but I wanna ask you this, if there is an artist you like and suddenly the world find out he is a pedophile and rape many kids of 4 or 7 years would you judge his music? If the media (of-course) would report and exposing him or her would you listen to hear/him music anymore even dough the whole society disgust about this man or woman? Give me a honest answer and one more time I am not a homofobic I just wonder.

    • DrChristianTroy

      Probably the best comment so far, regardless of content. You have an opinion, explained it clearly and left it at that. It's sad that something so simple is so far from the norm.

    • Anonymous

      I had to make sure I was on HipHopDX when I read that comment. Finally someone with common sense in this section.

    • Anonymous

      by far the best comment ive seen. i love his music. "bad religion" is one of my favorites and thats probrably the gayest song he im not against frank ocean even though i question his motives for coming out when his debut was about to drop. what im against is how their trying to erradicate homophobia in hip hop. we both know that hip hop is freedom of expression to the 10th power so i forsee a very popular gay artist talkin bout being at the male stip club watchin a nigga shake his ass and dead serious. i just know what that does to the youngins who are very impressionable. dont try to make being homosexual popular cause pop culture takes shit like this and runs with it.

  • Kabnis

    Great article DX in that you don't take a morally superior stance that some liberals and hypocrites do. Who knows what Jay and Russell think? I've heard Jay call Nas anti-gay term...

  • LJofSpades

    Quite a good article.

  • Anonymous

    i believe in live and let live but alot of gays think they can turn a straight man gay which is also disturbing when a homo comes onto you, or you accidently stumble across homo shit on the internet whilst browsing other shit. it makes you physically sick as a person do what you want just not in front of me and not as a movement keep it behind closed doors and dont be militant about it.

  • Anonymous

    believe me when i say that in about ten years there will be a song on the radio talkin bout how sexy another man is comin from a another mans mouth and the world as you and i knew it will be over as far as musically, domesticaly ect..... by accepting something so wrong on many levels is devastating to the community. if everybody was gay thats the end of civilization as we know it. im not a believer in god so im speaking factual science. the way it was meant to be. and nobody is born gay....people are turned gay. it happens in there subconcience while their young. watchin spongebob and pretending to be teletubbies and shit. lol im dead ass serious. you look at tv and movies as you get older and all they throw on you face are sexual and female. and you begin to think that its okay to like a mans body and a womans. 95% of the time someone gay was bisexual. because they were confused but ultimately made the decision to be gay. all because when they were toddlers something snapped in their brain that allowed them to accept what wasnt natural.

    • DrChristianTroy

      For someone so smart you grammar is quite awful.

    • Alex

      How old r u like 13? Fool

    • YouSerious?

      All I'm sayin is I could give a fuck less if someone's gay. Their bloodline ends? That's their decision. No skin off my bones. What's the original point of the first comment? Because really I'm just here to say I enjoy Frank Ocean's album and gay people don't bother me.

    • Anonymous

      I think this guy is actually pretty accurate, other than saying being gay isn't "natural" because it is human nature, for your mind to decide what it's sexually attracted to. People aren't born gay they don't really become gay, they get gay tendencies and either accept them or don't based on what their mind thinks is right. Also he's not a "dumbass" saying sexual imagery is thrown around in practically every cartoon and kids movie. If you watch that stuff when you're at an age where you can see it and understand it then you'll notice it completely. It's triggered in your subconscious. Everyone in the world could turn gay if they were raised to consider it natural and right. Homophobes are just people taught that being anything other than straight is wrong. I don't believe in a God, but I believe in a God in ourselves that we haven't found yet. Also, to the if you saw a naked guy or woman, you'd want more woman, that's because it's what your mind has been brought to believe is more appealing to you through imagery and your subconscious believing you aren't attracted to men.

    • Anonymous

      im a dumbass huh. how do you take words you see out of what i was trying to say is that once a man and a man and a wman and a woman decide to be together in a relationship thats the end of their bloodline.fact. unless they have someone impregnate the woman or a woman but thats a sad situation in itself. and the reason why you and i dont give a fuck about the opposite sex is because we werent changed by the visuals as kids. read what i said my nigga. how you not against them making the world gay friendly like its right or something. if your gay your gay. its not actually your choice is what im saying. just dont try to bring that shit in my house


      Something tells me you don't know shit about "factual science". Why don't you tell us how you got your "vast knowledge" on how people turn gay? By the way, there is no way in hell EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD (which totals at over 6 billion people) would turn gay. As for the whole "oh when you get older you're gonna get confusing sexual images shoved in your face".....look, if you show me a naked guy, I'm gonna say get that out of my face, I don't like that. If you show me a naked woman I'll say show me more. No matter how many times you do this I'd answer the same. You're a dumbass.

  • EyesRolled

    Look, Frank Ocean united hip-hop single handed. Let's all form a jerk circle around him.

  • Anonymous

    How can a black man hate a gay man for being different? Black men and women were tortured made slaves and beaten just for the color of their skin for so many years. How is being racist any different than homophobic? You think it was okay what happened to black people in that day and age? What makes it right to bash gays now.. In my eyes it's no different. You're hating someone because they're different; calling them a disease.. Your skin isn't a diease..

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      realist shit ever said

    • Anonymous

      Everything is right and wrong, you have to decide for yourself. It's the ignorant teachers of others that lead people to believe whatever has been drilled into their head for as long as they can remember. Everybody is exactly the same, their surrounds, raising and learning is what truly sets them apart. We are all one, set apart by what we do and don't know. We mock what we don't understand because it's easier than understanding it. We accept what we understand but we will never understand what it's like to be discriminated against and that is the understanding. We can't change the past, we can try to change the present and we will make the future whatever it becomes.

    • Anonymous

      white people grew to hate hate us because for so many years they looked at themselves as superior in everything from intelligence to looks. black people are as natural as the sunset but bigotry kept our minds and our bodies enslaved you can argue even till to this day. homosexuality is unnatural and deserves to be under scrutiny for at lease that. think about it. you might be gay or no some who is and may come to their defense as you would yours but the question i have for you is is it right or wrong?

    • Anonymous

      alot of gays think they can turn a straight man gay which is also disturbing when a homo comes onto you

    • Anonymous

      you can be gay and choose to not engage in homesexual activity abstinence its not as hard as people think. You cant choose to be a different color unless you have surgery like michael jackson which is unnatural it really offends me when people compare homophobia to racism and i automatically think of them as racists its no different to you calling me nigger.

  • Phat Dawg

    by seeing what most of these comments say...Hip Hop still has a long way to go...I find it puzzling that Hip Hop has always been a sanctuary for the repressed, those struggling, has always been a culture that "fight(s) the power"...fight injustice...yet when it comes to sexual orientation it's always been close minded against the LGBTQ community...a community repressed, struggling, and a culture unto which many injustices are done...

    • Anonymous

      just because hes black dosent make him hip hop. hes is a r&b singer who is apart of a group with rappers. sites like dx are just callin him hip hop to explain why their making blogs about him. when they post his songs they even removed the "R&B PICK OF THE WEEK" label. you niggas fall for it every time. think think think think think think think think

  • thought dog

    Stopped reading at "hip hop artist Frank Ocean". Last time I checked he specializes in R&B.

  • Anonymous

    I used to think that most comments on the site were from white people pretending to be black. But the embarrassingly blatant fear of gays confirms that, while very ignorant, at least the comments are from real black people; a community that fails to connect thier discrimination to that of another group. You dumb niggers.

    • Anonymous

      I would maybe tolerate the ignorance and your close minded views if you could articulate them and justify them correctly. You just can't accept things different to yourself because you're jealous they might be better. That's the sign of a true ignorant, greedy, fucked up piece of shit. In my honest opinion.

    • Anonymous

      and 90% of pedophiles are white 50% are gay

    • firealarm

      "It's a decease" Well haven't heard that one before..mind to explain. Ignorance is so obvious.

    • Anonymous

      Its about black or white you dumb faggot. It is true that most gays are white but we are talking about hiphop here. The problem is that now even more black people start to accept gay shit. While the whites already accepted it, the blacks are starting to accept it as well, which is something I hope doesn't happen since being gay is just sick. Its a decease. So stop with that bullshit and go pluck frank oceans asshairs you disgusting piece of shit.

  • the truth

    whats next a song about being gay and getting it down with dudes n how thats whats up im unliking this site on prinsiple alone

    • Anonymous

      If you don't like gays, don't wanna hear about them, DON'T. That is your responsibility, let them live their lives and you carry on living yours. Hating something that wont change is almost as dumb as trying to change something that will always hate. All i'm saying is you clearly need better things to do, something to love, rather than wasting your two cents on hating what you can't exactly do shit about? I mean really, do you think by bashing gays on the internet you're gonna produce a "cure" for the "faggot disease" and live in your ideal hetero world?

    • YouSerious?

      Ayo the truth I'm proud of've got no intelligence but you somehow can operate a computer, good job.

    • LJofSpades

      Mindless morons.

    • ASR

      hahaha i know right...shits disgusting to even think about....niggas are not human

  • ASR

    i still hope there are gonna be some rappers who will be against that gay ass behaviour...that line from sadat x....damn i hope he doesnt change his mind

  • Damn

    See, I could write a whole essay about this shit but I'm going to keep it short. This is why rap is shit nowadays. I, too, want the old hiphop and culture back. I don't necessarily mean the gangsta rap era but more like 2000-20005 ish. What is fucked up is that niggas more and more start to accept this gay ass shit. I'm sure the same rappers who support this gay ass shit now, would've talk negatively about it before. Don't you niggas see shits getting more pop or house oriented? What the fuck....I don't need no pop-rap or house-rap. Y'all gay supportin ass niggas are the ones who are a disgrace to the real hiphop...can't believe how anybody could talk good about that shit.

    • YouSerious?

      You're really stupid....the reason mainstream hip-hop suffers today is because of the QUALITY OF THE ARTISTS, not the acceptance of gay people....I mean really. Today's top-selling artists are the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross. These guys make a living off of being FAKE, not by embracing gay people. When I say fake, I mean that they know their not really gangsters yet they refuse to let up on the image that their all cold ass bloods or whatever the fuck they decided to pretend to be this week. You can still find good hip-hop today if you look for it instead of bitching.

    • Anonymous

      you don't know how many of these tough rappers are gay on the low.

  • Ceaser

    Oh great the Sodomy Communtiy wins again.

  • chillthrills

    homosexuality is sex,,thats it!!!,,,,,,any other feeling,, love hate,pain pleasure,,,can be felt without sex,,,,so now there is a community of people that,,,band together because of sex,,(lgbtq),,,hmmm?,,,,,so are the people that,,,embrace these feelings,,,that i mentioned earlier,,, wrong for feeling that,promoting a gay agenda,,,, is promoting sex?,,,,and slowing the life cycle,,,,because if the majority of human beings on earth stop reproducing then the life cycle ends,,,,,not saying it will,,but its something to think about,,,,this gay shit is sex,,,nothing more nothing less,,,,,i can care about someone and want to hang out with them and make sure they are good,,,without sexing them,,,this whole gay shit is overrated,,,bust your nut and shut up and keep your sex life to yourself and that goes for everyone

  • Burmy

    This only convinces me one thing: I WANT THE OLD HIP-HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE BACK.

  • Professor Y

    This is the smartest commentary I've read on the issues of the last 10 days. Hip Hop has confused me so much with so many of these "friend to the gay" rappers all of a sudden. It's nice to see some information that reminds us of otherwise.

  • johnstimpy

    ill do anything with a hole. if i was last person on earth id screw objects, watermelons.. whatever man. id fuck myself in the ass if i could, u have to bust a nut. i cum in my girls ass, mouth and vag.. its just about getting off so who cares what anyone does behind closed doors. we should be able to fuck in public where ever we want, its a beautiful thing and kids should be able to watch and learn. who cares if cum is all over floors in malls and bathrooms at least wed all be happy and satisfied every day.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff. Great article. However, I have a feeling this, and the numerous similar articles, cloak the fact that a shift in attitudes will take years and years, rather than just the coming out of one artist.