Over the weekend, various news outlets reported New York police caught influential Hip Hop deejay and Hot 97 radio personality, Mr. Cee receiving fellatio from a 20-year-old male. The allegations were largely ignored, or in some cases refuted—as was the case with Mr. Cee’s peer, Funkmaster Flex. Wednesday, TheSmokingGun.com furnished the original police report, which names Mr. Cee—real name Calvin Lebrun—as a defendant.

“On March 30, 2011 at about 03:55 hours on the corner of Watts Street and West Street in the County and State of New York, the defendants intentionally exposed the private parts of his body in a lewd manner and committed a lewd act in a public place and in provate premises…” the report read.

Authorities added that Lebrun was found exposed and naked receiving oral sex from the co-defendant, Lawrence Campbell. Both men were charged with a Class A Misdemeanor. In New York State, the maximum penalty for a Class A Misdemeanor is one year in jail. Mr. Cee has remained on the air since the allegations broke, although he has not publicly addressed them. In addition to his work at Hot 97, Mr. Cee worked with Notorious B.I.G. and extensively as Big Daddy Kane’s deejay. TheSmokingGun broke similar stories about Akon’s criminal past and Rick Ross’ background as a correctional officer.