The way a girl wears her hair shouldn’t have to be a political statement of defiance or complacency. Unfortunately, many times it is, like when young girls of color wear their hair in braided extensions and get expelled from school, or when girls decide to wear their hair short and get labeled as boyish. In hopes of bringing an end to this ridiculous stigma around hair, Kelly Rowland has teamed up with Dove to share this empowering track and video to redefine what it means to have “beautiful” hair.

Tyrelle Davis and Faith Fennidy, both 11-years old, broke news headlines when they were sent home from school because of their braided extensions. Eleven-year-old Jorja Orrick was taunted by her peers at school for having short hair, which inspired her sister Sarah to cut her own hair to show support of her sister. Dove and Kelly used the stories of these young girls and weaved them into the video and featured them as the project’s stars.