HipHopDX Premiere: Mega Ran is back with a new visual for the Charlie Mumbles-produced “Airplane Mode” track, which appears on the Philly MC’s Extra Credit album. Although it kicks off in the back of a police car, things quickly get better for the video game enthusiast.

Ran soon gets to style and profile on an airfield with a classic WCW Championship belt, a nod to one of the greatest wrestlers around, Ric “Nature Boy” Flair.

“We wanted to make this feel like the late ’80s as much as possible,”Ran tells HipHopDX. “At that time, there were only expensive brick phones, and we had a lot more time socializing in person rather than through communication devices. Spending a lot of time on planes made me think about the concept of putting a phone into airplane mode to avoid its use in a potentially unsafe situation.

“When you’re in hazardous, energy draining situations in life, I wish there was an Airplane Mode for that,” he continues. “Turns out there is — you have a right to decide who gets your energy. Kevin took me to some crazy places to shoot, but getting inside a private plane was something I never thought I’d get a chance to do. I had a blast attempting to do my best Nature Boy impression.”

Watch the visual above.