HipHopDX Premiere: Danny Delavie has released a visual for “High Tide (Eyes Low),” the title track from his recently released EP, High Tide. Shot in 2016, the video was filmed during The High Tide Tour, which was inspired by the success of his debut album, Saved By The Bay.

“I decided to save my money and plan a full tour [in New Zealand], flying out MoonCulture Films for a documentary and music video … hitting the cities that my music was being played the most: Auckland and Hamilton,” Delavie said in a statement to HipHopDX. “I sold out venues and performed at festivals, but besides that, I loved connecting with the fans and being introduced to the culture of the Kiwis by the natives in each city.

“It was truly a life changing experience,” he adds. “The ‘High Tide’ video is the representation of my time in New Zealand and truly reflects how making this move, and having faith in myself was the core definition of the High Tide EP.”

Watch the video and listen to the High Tide EP in full above.