After years of not-so-friendly competition, New England MCs Slaine and Termanology finally teamed up for a full-length collaboration, Anti Hero, which was released last month. Subsequently, the underground rap vets are back with a video for one of the album’s cuts, “Life Of A Drug Addict.”

Slaine, a member of La Coka Nostra, wrestled addiction for much of his life, but has been clean now for almost four years . On the other hand, Termanology has watched several people around him struggle with substance abuse, giving him all the passion he needed to pen his part of the song.

“My verse was a fictional story of a drug addict,” Termanology tells HipHopDX. “It was not autobiographical. The reason it sounds so official and real is because I spent a lot of time around drug addicts — from crackheads living in my building as a kid to me selling drugs as I got older, and to me being around friends and family members still struggling with addiction.”

In the video, Term is seen rapping from a straight jacket, while Slaine rocks a hospital gown as he delivers his brutally honest and intense bars.

Check it out above.