HipHopDX Premiere: Produced by Fake Four Inc.’s Factor Chandelier, or simply Factor,” F. Virtue’s new track “License and Registration” is now privy to a visual treatment, which explores gender fluidity and where he fits in.

Directed by Ross Louis Klein, the video shows a group of gender-fluid friends being pulled over and harassed by a discriminatory police officer who is clearly upset by their fluidity. However, there’s a clever twist at the end that indicates the officer is having some identity issues of his own.

“In both music and life, I’ve always felt like an outsider,” Virtue tells HipHopDX. “But I always felt pressure to wear a label and fit into a box. Throughout the song, I explore these themes — who I am and my place in things, oddities and all. And right now, in the current political climate, it’s more important than ever to show pride in our true selves, but to also show how hard that can be. The director Ross and I decided to showcase a group of friends the viewers would immediately try to gender, incorrectly or not, to show how we innately try to label everything.”

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The audio was originally released as a single in collaboration with PAPER Magazine as part of their year-long project where they debuted a new song at the end of every month in 2016. Watch the video above.