HipHopDX Premiere: After reeling in listeners with a sampler of the project and the Nitty Scott-assisted “Unfiltered,” MC Bravado has finally resurfaced with the complete version of his highly anticipated album, Hip-Hop*.In celebration of the monumental occasion, the educator-by-day, rapper-by-night Baltimore transplant has released a new video for “This Is Gold” featuring Just Blaze artist OnCue on the emotive hook and moody production from sought-after producer J57. 

“Chasing an ‘unattainable’ dream can make us look delusional, while making us feel inadequate and even helpless,” Bravado explains to HipHopDX. “Often times, what gets lost amidst the self-doubt, the sleepless nights, the strained and broken relationships, the tunnel vision, and the hunger and drive to prove everyone wrong is the scenery itself. ‘Enjoy the ride’ may sound trite, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. The diamonds might be in the endgame, however, the current scene is currency, too, so keep pushing, embrace your place, and don’t forget this is gold.”

Shot and directed by Andrew Bryan, the video is stripped down to black and white, providing an ideal backdrop for the raw, brutally honest lyrics. Watch it above and cop the album here.