HipHopDX Premiere: Hailing from Inglewood, California, Natia (or Natia The God, depending on the day) has returned with the single “Blood On The Hypeman,” which he says was made while on “tons of acid” as he was “flabbergasted” by “today’s hip pop.”

“I understand that everyone can’t be lyrical or freestyle, or whatever Hip Hop used to be,” Natia tells HipHopDX. “But these nursery, Dr. Seuss mediocre rhymes and songs that niggas are doing now gets me more than angry. Shout out to Big Pun, Raekwon the Chef, Big L, and Eminem —real mothafuckas who said real shit about real problems that other real mothafuckas could relate to.

“Everyone seems like a hypeman cause their songs consist of nothing but ad-libs, and that minimizes kids’ imaginations,” he continues. “There’s no art, just mothafuckas that look the same — identical hypemen. It feels fake and unbelievable, so I’m gonna expose and dispose it. Hence, ‘Blood on the Hypeman.'”

Natia’s debut album, 10K Hours, is expected to arrive in late spring on POW Recordings. Watch the video above.