Watts, California rapper Stix is currently on the ride of his life as part of Snoop Dogg’s Puff Puff Pass Tour Part 2. In between time, he managed to create a 2-in-1 video for “Getting To The Paper” and “Sorry Peta.” Those unfamiliar with the young artist may remember him as a dancer, who helped propel a dance move called the “KRUMP” in the early 2000s.

During mid-2006, Stix and partner, Nicholas Gouche, developed a worldwide rap battle league called “The Pit,” where the battle rap careers of Dizaster and Daylyt were born. In just a short time, “The Pit” became LA’s most popular Hip Hop event, amassing support from some of the West Coast’s most notable artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Problem, YG, Glasses Malone, Roscoe, Mistah Fab, J-Doe, Gizzle (Bad Boy), and BadLucc (Diamond Lane). “The Pit” also received support from artist outside of the western region like Nas, Redman, and Young Jeezy.

While Stix continues to carve out his own lane in Hip Hop culture, check out the video above.