Signed to Sage Francis’ imprint, Strange Famous Records, MC Prolyphic has been spitting out real life raps in the underground for years. As he prepares to release DNGRFLD, his first self-produced album in 10 years, he’s shared a new single titled “RDNY,” which touches upon the Rodney King riots that occurred in Los Angeles in the early ’90s. The incident served as a backdrop for the developing worldview of a young Prolyphic. Through this filter, he questions the true nature of the dangers permeating society in a media-driven age.

DNGRFLD drops November 4 on Strange Famous Records’ SFdigi imprint. Check out the track list below and single above.

  1. RDNY
  2. Pale Blue Spot
  3. By A Dying Art’s Bedside
  4. No More Questions
  5. A Bottled Message
  6. One Vs Many
  7. Third Gunman
  8. A Moment To CTFO
  9. Ice Cream Tacos f. Cas One
  10. Love In The Time of Melancholia
  11. Rehab Killed The Rockstar f. Seez Mics | produced by M.Stine
  12. Stage Left