As part of Cut Chemist‘s new bi-monthly Dublab radio show, he sat down with electro-Hip Hop pioneer Egyptian Lover for the second episode to discuss Run-DMC, Uncle Jamm’s Army and the first time the Jurassic 5 DJ heard rap. He also spoke with Lady Tigra and Bunny B of Miami duo L’Trimm, who were responsible for the 1988 hit, “Cars That Go Boom.”

‘I had a lot of fun on the radio with Cut Chemist,” Egyptian Lover (real name Greg Broussard) tells DX. “I absolutely loved his story on recording an Uncle Jamm’s Army show live on the radio in 1983 and how he got inspired to be who he is because of it. This is West Coast.”

Egyptian Lover has been pushing his latest electro-Hip Hop masterpiece, 1984, since its 2015 release. Stones Throw Records recently unveiled the Egyptian Lover Anthology 1983-1988, as well. Check out the video above for a preview of A Stable Sound podcast, which will be available in full this Wednesday (October 19).