H.I.M. stands for HustleIsMandatory. The passion behind his hustle is oozing from his latest visual for “#Protect Us” in which the Los Angeles spitter shows his emotion regarding the police brutality in America.

The hard hitting song is the latest single off of his upcoming project #NOMOREHASHTAGS inspired by the innocent lives lost at the hands of our own law enforcement.

In the visual, H.I.M. pleads with God to protect himself and his loved ones stating that “In this moment we have to use our gifts and voices to stand up and say #PROTECTUS because if WE don’t history will continue to repeat itself.”

He warns in the video that “if shit don’t change, the consequences could be drastic” for our country.

Stay tuned for HustleIsMandatory’s project and other drops from the L.A. artist on his website here.