On a special episode of the multi-Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now,” Sheila E., Prince’s ex-fiance and legendary drummer, sits down with Larry King and opens up about the untimely death of her friend and music partner. During the show, she shares intimate moments she had with the icon and reveals Prince has hundreds of unreleased songs. Sheila also discusses the state of the music business and touches on her most notable collaborations, from Ringo Starr to Beyoncé.

Sheila shares her fondest memories with Prince and the unfortunate cause of death, which was officially classified as an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl. Touching on the sensitive subject, she states, “I’ve never even seen him take an aspirin, or a Tylenol.”

When asked about some of the difficulties breaking into the music industry as a woman, Sheila details being offered record deals in exchange for sex.

In addition, Sheila plays Larry King’s signature trivia game, “If You Only Knew,” in which she reveals the music collaboration she wishes to see and the most starstruck she’s ever been. Finally, she addresses how the “Purple Rain” singer’s legacy will live in.

Catch the full episode here.