Ryan Stylez born June 1, 1992, was raised in the Bay Area, CA. With a love of music and a keen ear to its influence on pop culture, it wasn’t until high school that Ryan decided he would give a career in music a fair shot. Seeing his classmates in bands and kids trying to pursue their own music aspirations with MySpace and YouTube, Ryan decided to take a different route. He worked odd jobs and saved up money for a few years; enough money to work with artists and groups who had already created their own buzz in the music industry.

It was during this time Ryan had to figure out if he had “IT” for a real shot at his dream. With little support and the reality that he may not get the reception he wanted for his artistry, Ryan pulled together a team of leaders he believed could propel him to pop success.

Now, he teams up with Sage The Gemini for a fly summer record. The track is a mid-tempo pop/R&B joint guaranteed to give good vibes only.