I wrote two songs to that beat that night in the hotel. I wrote one about rappers pretending to be bad men, but they really aren’t—the whole traditional, backpack rapper thing. Then I wrote a song about girls. I was like, “I just wanna rap about girls all the time.” I wrote both songs all the way out with three 16s, and I said, “9th, which one do you want me to do?” He said, “Girls,” and I was like, “Yes!” I was just getting to know him, so I didn’t know if he wanted me to be ripping motherfucker’s heads off and shit.

Then the video was one of my first real videos. I had Homer Simpson Dunks, a half Mohawk, and I get asked more about the girl in the video than any porn star… No, Roxy Reynolds has kind of taken over. But people used to ask me about that girl so much. She didn’t take off her clothes, she was 17 and she was the nicest young girl. She was so beautiful! To me she was beautiful, but white dudes and Latino dudes I would meet would say, “Yo, who’s that girl from the “Bad Man” video?”

This was for years, and years and years. I did Coachella a couple years later, and she came up to me. She had dreadlocks, was hippied out, barefoot and not giving a fuck. It was like, “You could’ve been the next Kate Moss or whatever, because people ask about you. No one asks about a girl in a Rap video that’s fully clothed.” She was probably the most memorable thing in the whole video. — Murs