Have you ever been to a Hip Hop show where the artist just stands around on stage and raps over his lyrics? Pretty boring, right?

If you’re going to pay for a live performance, you want to be entertained, and Bronsolino is one of the best live performers in the game right now. If you have been to an Action Bronson show, you know what we’re talking about. Bam Bam is notorious for interacting with his fans, throwing them off stage, performing in the crowd, performing on top of vehicles and crowd surfing.

What else could you ask for?

With that said, we have put together 10 live performances by #Mr.Wonderful himself. Enjoy, and approach the stage at your own risk.

Action Bronson Eats Weed During Performance

Action Bronson Fights Portland Security

Action Bronson Performs With Girl On His Back In New Zealand

Action Bronson Body Slams Fan On Stage In Boston

Action Bronson Punches Rowdy Fan Then Crowd Surfs

Action Bronson Belly Flops & Performs On Top Of A Truck

Action Bronson Puts Fan Down On Stage

Action Bronson Throws Fan Off Stage In Seattle

Action Bronson Puts Fan In Torture Rack

Action Bronson Crowd Surfs In Toronto

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