In today’s edition of DX Daily, Chauncey Mahan denies allegations that he attempted to extort millions of dollars from Jay Z. Mahan, who is accused of requesting a $100,000 “storage” fee for holding the masters to In My Lifetime Vol. 3… The Life & Times Of S. Carter, and The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, says that Def Jam asked him to take care of the properties in 2002. Read the full story here. RZA spoke with HOT 97 about the troubled Wu-Tang album, A Better Tomorrow. In the interview, The Abbot says Raekwon The Chef submitted a list of demands to be met in order for him to appear on the album. He asks that Wu members reach out to each other directly rather than reading what is reported in the media. Click here for the full story. Lastly, Nicki Minaj discussed the direction of her upcoming third album, Pink Print, and says that she’s ditching the costumes and Pop songs for a sound much closer to her Rap roots. The full story is available here.