Gang Starr were already three albums deep when they dropped their Hard to Earn LP. The album came on March 8th, 1994, almost twenty years ago to the day, and the Chrysalis / EMI Records-backed project represented a shift in sound for the already-established Guru and DJ Premier. “Mass Appeal” was one of the most popular singles on the tracklist; it would even later be used as the title for the duo’s “Best Of” collection. That aforementioned new sound was more stripped back than before, less melodic and with a newfound sense of grit to Guru’s rhymes. Premier sounded better than ever as well; every single track on the album, by the way, was produced solely by Primo and Guru, no outside jobs here. In the above video for “Mass Appeal,” the late Guru takes us to some of his city spots, from the subway tunnels to an icy beachfront. For those hoping for some more Gang Starr material, a posthumous CD / DVD is supposedly in the works for this year.