SAVEMONEY crew is the focus point for Noisey’s 5th episode of the Chiraq series. Vic Mensa opens up the clip telling the crew how he has to bust Joey Purp out of jail for selling molly to a narc (coincidentally revealed that it was Joey’s birthday as well). The crew is on their way to the Lollapalooza festival, meeting up with other SAVEMONEY members. Vic reminisces on him and Joey becoming hustlers at the same time in high school, both selling weed but eventually go their separate ways, Vic on tour and Joey still hustling. Later on expressing his love for Fredo from GBE, Vic explains how he doesn’t fuck with the Chiraq movement because of the negativity. That night at the jail, Joey Purp’s mom, reveals that a lot of the SAVEMONEY crew have been to jail for small incidents such as graffiti and their real punishment is being arrested, not her wrath. Joey talks about his time in jail, the most talked about topic “Chief Keef and Lil Durk and how they don’t fuck with each other, and Chief Keef doesn’t chill in the 300 anymore.” Watch the clip of the SAVEMONEY crew and find out more above.

-Jasmine Hardy