HipHopDX Premiere: Austin-based MC and producer Clemits has shared the inaugural single from his upcoming project. Titled “Fentanyl,” the track serves as a testament to how hard he’s worked over the years to perfect his craft.

“I picked ‘Fentanyl’ because it is the strongest form of dope and I feel like the beats I’m making and this beat specifically was my strongest work. Fentanyl is 100,000 times stronger than morphine and I feel like this beat is 100,000 stronger than my previous work.”

Considering “Fentanyl” is also the name of a hardcore pain killer, the title could teeter on the controversial, but the 33-year-old instead hopes it will make an impact on his audience.

“I hope the title grabs listeners’ attention and while I’m sympathetic to substance abuse and addiction, I want the title to be symbolic of how strong my new music is,” he explains.

Clemits’ upcoming album is expected to arrive this summer. 

In the meantime, listen to “Fentanyl” above.