HipHopDX Premiere: KXNG Crooked has teamed up with producer Jonathan Hay for “Split Paths,” an introspective song that touches on suicide, depression and childhood abandonment. Featuring teenage sisters Iliana Eve and DJ Hannahbella, the mellow offering borrows from the alternative band Candlebox and its 1993 hit “Far Behind.” Although the song is heavy, it’s necessary considering so many kids suffer from bullying and poor self-esteem.

“I’ve done an extensive amount of work with KXNG Crooked over the years, and ‘Split Paths’ is the best thing I think we’ve done together,” Hay tells DX. “It was a great experience working with sisters Iliana Eve and Hannah Lynn on this very personal record. Crooked laid down a very powerful verse about abandonment issues, depression and loss of love… all things that so many of us go through.”

“Bob Dylan said inspiration is hard to come by,” KXNG Crooked adds. “You have to take it where you find it. I find my inspiration in my real life experiences, especially in this era of paid for social followers and rigged up SoundCloud plays. Nothing seems genuine to me, so I combat the fake with the real. I’ll be uninspired if I don’t.”

Listen to the track above.