Doomtree MC and Rhymesayers artist P.O.S. (real name Stefon Alexander)  has been laying relatively low for the past year. He recently popped up on Rafael Vigilante’s “BadMan” and Red Pill’s “Fuck Your Ambition,” but in terms of solo material, his output has been seemingly minimal.

Thankfully, he’s emerged out of hibernation with a new single, “Woof” and announced a slew of tour dates as well.

“Woof” finds the seasoned spitter rhyming over a laid back, synth-infused beat courtesy of producer BJ Burton. “It’s me just kinda going dumb and letting the words fall out of my head,” P.O.S. tells DX. “It’s from sessions from the new record, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be on it, though. Probably not.”

Whatever the case, download the single for free here and check out tour dates below.