Born to a low class family in Newburgh, New York to parents suffering from addiction, Aaron Knight was ultimately raised by his grandmother in Sunnyside, Queens. Despite his circumstances, Knight has been steadily working on establishing himself as a serious artist, and takes another step towards making his aspirations come to fruition with the single “OG.”

“I was in the studio and I told my engineer I been doing this music thing since I was 17 and now I feel like a OG,” Knight told The Fader. “But in all reality, I ain’t even a ’90s kid.”

Knight’s first passion was actually basketball. In school, he helped perennial powerhouse Christ The King win a city and state championship. He eventually fell out of love with the game and fell in love with the music.

Knight was always an avid poetry writer. Coupled with his rapping, singing, and harmonizing, he’s able to infuse Hip Hop with elements of pop, trap, and new age R&B, while attempting to establish his own distinctive sound. The single appears on his forthcoming EP, which is expected to arrive this fall.