When DJ Prince Paul, Digable Planets’ Ladybug Mecca, producer Don Newkirk, and Brazilian MC Rodrigo Brandão merged their individual talents into the supergroup, BROOKZILL!, magic happened. 

In anticipation of the group’s October 7 release of its inaugural album, Throwback to the Future, BROOKZILL! drops its second single “Mad Dog In Yoruba,” (featuring Fafá de Belém & Kiko Dinucci), fusing classic New York Hip Hop with the inimitable sounds of Brazil.

“‘Mad Dog in Yoruba’ is a fight song with love as the weapon against the prejudice that still surrounds Afro Brazilian faith expressions as Candomble and Umbanda,” Brandão tells DX. “But mainly it’s about the power that the Orisha Exu has opening the paths, change, anything, whenever he wants, and ultimately making any message worth spreading come true. That is the true essence of our inspiration.”