Kosha Dillz brings to us What I Do all Day and Pickle, his third LP. The 11-track album covers everything from multi-lingual rhymes of Hebrew and Spanish for Varsity Sports resentment, addiction, success, failed relationships, one night stands, and the desire of serenity in nightlife.

The title and cover of the album should grab you immediately. Any fan of Warhol should certainly know the Velvet Underground and Nico, so for idiot savants, the Pickle replaces the Banana. In today’s society, both objects can be values at different levels of greatness and ambiguous meaning.

Features come from all across the board, with Matisyahu on Dodging Bullets and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep on the title track. The album is no short of female presence, with R&B vs EDM hooks via Ida hawk (Griz) and Mickey Shiloh (Britney Spears, Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa), and Spanish rhymes provided by Mexican indie starlet Nina Dioz.

Dillz is consistently on the move and always has a trick up his sleeve. For What I do All Day and Pickle, the odd title accompanying the serious vibes of his music will be sure to land him only the most uncomfortable placements deemed comfortable, which is a recurring theme through his career performance.