The “Godfather of Chicago Hip-Hop,” legendary producer and executive, No I.D., delivers a mix of unreleased beats, shares stories about working with Kanye West and Jay-Z, and how to balance creativity with business. While on air, Soulection radio also debuts a new track from Common titled “Lost.”

Here are eight things we learned about No I.D.:

  1. No I.D. is a producer, always striving to be creative and bettering his craft.
  2. Working with Common on his new album, the two worked on reestablishing his brand. The idea is to keep it interesting for the next generation, but solid for that generation that you’re from.
  3. No I.D. was die hard underground Hip Hop for most of his early years. He had to really open up and accept a wider view of music.
  4. No I.D. and Common have been childhood friends since eighth years old.
  5. “Let Me Love You” by Bow Wow was his first number one record.
  6. His biggest pet peeve is filming in the studio.
  7. Jay-Z is the one person who he really studied his business mind- his ability to be true to himself and push the envelope.
  8. One of the biggest lessons he ever got was to not judge anybody. You don’t know who anybody is, period.