A HipHopDX Premiere!

Wisconsin favorites Rahn Harper and Mic Kellogg have a sensational “Morning” record here. Fresh off a major placement in the “Wisconsin Soul” feature on HipHopDX,Rahn links up with Mic to wake up any late sleepers over this energized “Gasoline” sample.

Rahn has been working on a grip of themed records. His pen game is strong. “I’m planning on releasing singles every 2 weeks for the next 4 months,” the quick-flowing singer told DX in a chat yesterday. “I’ll have visuals for some of these singles in the Summer or Fall.”

The Brew City native has been slinging drinks for the past year, but he recently graduated from Loyola University with degrees in Criminal Justice and Social Work and plans to head back up to The Mil soon. “Going to school for me – was eye opening in general – but also really taught me how to work towards something and see a big goal by doing the little things in the process,” he says. “It taught me work ethic.” Rahn Harper grinds hard on his own career but he’s also for the kids. “I’m hoping to do something to give back to the youth,” he says.

The Wisco kid is also inspired by “women, reflection and being outdoors.” He feels at peace at his parents’ cottage in Green Lake, and sees Milwaukee as having both a city vibe and a natural element. “The energy the Earth has for us, we can put into ourselves, and then reciprocate to other people.” Also, in his recent video for “As of Late,” the singer bathes in Lake Michigan to heal himself from a tough breakup. “There’s that cleansing component with water,” he says. Cleanse your soul with the latest from Rahn Harper and Breakfast king Mic Kellogg.

“Friday night I’m serving drinks until like 2 in the morning
I’ve been wilding, might just wake up next to you in the morning
Woke up late and now she rushing off late to school in the morning
Drop you off in my Toyota, we pretend that’s a foreign”