Ar Wesley is a crucial member of Rebel Nxtion. Although there has been a lot from Reggie Bonds and Mike Regal as of late – Ar had his clip loaded and ready to fire on the Nas-inspired Time Is Millmatic. With heavy 90s inflence on Time Is Millmatic, it’s clear that Ar Wesley idolizes the Boom Bap style of the era.

This one belongs to Brew City, though. The rapper-singer went in on the dirty “Here iGO” song with Von Alexander. “I know that niggas throwing throwing shots left and right but rubber bullets never hurt A,” he said. The “Dead Prez” joint is more ghostly. Hakeem Paragon put together the haunting sounds. Reggie Bonds is “Edgar Allan Poe with the flow” on “No Happy Endings” but both artists smashed it. Ar is a king with the melodies too.

Ar Wesley raps on the last record:



“I gave you dope for the pain, now I present the cure
Plus 30 keys more, if ya down with that
A role model wouldn’t even come around with that
And I got the nerve to try to serve it out to the youth
Right now it’s only a point, I’ll take you down to the root
Every boss take a loss, I’ll show ya how to recoup
The only difference is I’m cooking all my crack in the booth”